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Journeyman III

7950x black screen Cinebench 23 Help Please!!

Hi, Thanks in advance for anyone who has some tips!

A little context.  New build, Windows 11 for work so stability is more important than squeezing out performance.

I'm running

7950x , 128 gb ram (Corsair Vengeance set to AMD spec 3600), Asus proart x670e, 4090, Seasonic Vertex 1000G

The problem I'm having is when running Cinebench, which is pretty similar to the type of rendering I need to do on the machine, I get a black screen around 3/4 of the way into a throttle or stability test.

I've tried disabling PBO and CPB in the bios (based on Puget System article) and running in Eco 107 to rule out temps or possibly a voltage issue.  All of the other settings are auto/default.  Still getting the problem.  I ran the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool and it's not picking up any issues.

Admittedly I'm a total noob with building/diagnosing issues.

Any ideas?


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Big Boss

anglereserve, please post all your system parts. Look into your Event Viewer for the error messages associated with your black screens and post screenshots. What does your system do - power down, hang or what? What is "Eco 107"? Please stay out of BIOS which can only lead to trouble. I suggest a Clear CMOS. Please post screenshots of Ryzen Master (RM) both Basic and Advanced views running Cinebench R23. Images of RM only. Thanks and enjoy, John.


There are many Corsair Vengeance sticks. That does not say anything. How many sticks? What speed? Have you tried with two sticks? 

If it crashes under load, sounds like heat issue. What cooler do you use and is it installed properly?

What is "AMD spec 3600". DDR5 should be at least 4800MT/s.

Like @misterj said, start by clearing CMOS. (unplug computer from wall socket, wait a minute, connect clear cmos pins for few seconds or remove battery, put it back, start computer)

Computer specs should always be accurate. All of the components from receipt.