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Adept I

7800x3d low boost behaviour???

Hiya, Just got my 7800x3d and noticing in cinebench R23 that it wont go past 4.7ghz? is this normal? have I just lost the silicon lottery? I can get it higher with curve optimizer but not dialled in the stability yet any answers would be helpful. also falling short on score it sits at 17639 with PBO enabled I seen almost all reviewers was at 18k+? 

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If you wanted high cinebench scores,.. you got the wrong chip. Also, 350 points, is basically nothing, and it sounds like your cooling is a bit lacking is all. Or it is hot in your room, case has low air flow, or whatever. 350 points, can **bleep** near be run to run error bro. You are fine bro. These stacked cache variants do NOT boots high, for a reason. Not to mention, a cinebench score does NOT exactly correlate to gaming performance. As a 78000x3d user 2 days after launch, can confirm, this thing is a little MONSTER at gaming,... for what it was made. I see around 18110 stock, and can get it close to 19000, but, dont every day it that way. Little pbo enhanced at 70, CO -13 and i let it eat. Its been a beast. 

7800x3d/artic freezerII 360/5 case fans, plus the 3 on the rad/7900xtx/asus 670e-e/seasonic titanium 1000



Adept III

It is normal for the Ryzen 7 7800X3D to have a boost clock of 4.7GHz. However, some CPUs may be able to achieve higher clock speeds through manual overclocking. It is possible that you have lost the silicon lottery and your CPU is not capable of achieving higher clock speeds, or it could simply be a matter of finding the right settings and stability.


Gaming seems to hit 4.8ghz just wondered as I'm having some strange symptoms and wondered if I have a faulty CPU or even a faulty imc could be new motherboard ram seems ok as I ran memtest for 4 hours no errors....


What “strange symptoms”? I highly doubt you have a “faulty” cpu. What memory do you run and what mobo and bios are you on?

Adept II

I just got a new ASUS motherboard and have this problem with a 7950X3D. Some say it's if you toggle Frequency Override in PBO. I'm going to try that. I've also opened a ticket with ASUS.