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Adept I

Re: 5950x WHEA erros GGGRRRRRRHHHHHH had enough now.

Well here we are, nearly 6 months after my first post on WHEA error's and now sporting the very same machine with numerous bios updates along with chipset updates and AMD reduce the speed of the CPU boost to stop idle reboots to help some, but this isn't the speed AMD claimed at launch.

15 beta bios's later. many AGEA updates and even at reduced boost speeds we still have beta bios' WHEA error's  along with USB issues. I am so pleased i didn't invest to AMD in my work place.

Never again will i attempt to switch away from a stable platform on AMD claims at launch of a product with out seeing all the facts of user experiences via theses very forums and others. 

For all you user's who have invested hard earned cash and are still waiting for fix's to the WHEA, and USB issues and most having to pay over the odds prices because of the lack of supply think hard on your wallet next time.

AMD the 6 month timeline to stability is a joke. 


No more AMD i will keep an eye on it and see if at some stage AMD ever get this platform stable.


See you in another 6 months guys! good luck to all with AMD hardware.

Adept III

Re: 5950x WHEA erros GGGRRRRRRHHHHHH had enough now.


select pcie gen 3 for gpu may fix usb issue..... (future need wait update only)

ddr3 3600 is oc the cpu fclk 1800.... need add more soc for stability... 1.125volt (this may fix the whea error in gaming) else drop 3200mhz

over boost oc will end up whea error................

just sharing my troubleshooting....