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Adept I

5950x WHEA erros GGGRRRRRRHHHHHH had enough now.

Ok, A long time intel user that has switched to AMD with Gigabyte Extreme X570 board with 5950X and 32g DDR3600 memory.  all water cooled with a dual 480 rads dual pump system. also using a 8Pack 2000w PSU. Power is not an issue.

I have built PC's for many years since the old athlon days and P2 systems. My last system before the 5950x was a 9900k which sat at 5ghz all core for a year with out 1 error. I waited for the ryzan 5950x as it promised so much.


So i purchase the above and build my system, all i am waiting for is the 5950x on launch day. I manage to snag one and after flashing bios i install the 5950x and WAM my troubles begin. I have used every bios gigabyte have issued but none of them have cured the WHEA error's. Some bios have been better but never 100% stable. for 1 month plus i have tried to get the system stable and have spent many hours reading all the forums and posts on this issue to which i might add there are many.

I have tried 4 sets of memory, 2 stick 4 stick combo's and all this memory worked fine in an intel system.  I even swapped out another 5950x from a friend which turned out worse than my first one on infinity fabric, Flck was worse. I have spent far to long on this system. It should be plug and play with out issue's. both CPU's should be able to run the same but this was not the case. One could reach DDR3600 speed the other could not. with out rebooting quite often on the exact same settings as the other 5950x. this alone proves to me its a silicone lottery to get a CPU to run at advertised speeds alone. they are obviously not being tested properly at there advertised speeds.

So i am at the crossroads that i will RMA my 5950x and M/B for a refund and go back to intel, yes it might be slower for encoding and work flow but at least it will be stable. Its a shame AMD cant offer any resolution's for this issue. either bad silicone which if thats the case to many CPU's have got through with out checking they actually run as advertised.

If its a chipset M/B issue then AMD should have the supplier's of M/B's sorted after 6 weeks. business user's cant wait for poor AMD support as AMD rely on board makers to provide the platforms for there CPU's and as a business user i cant put any more time into a Flaky unstable combination of M/B and CPU. 

For AMD i feel its either time to be honest and say you have some bad silicone out there or FIX the issue with board makers as the problems are wide spread and any company looking to upgrade or replace computer systems that look into AMD ryzen as an option will come across all the issues people are having. Company's do not need unstable systems even if when working are faster.

So after a 6 week period of trying and spending many many hours i have to say good bye to AMD systems as far as my work place and home PC is concerned. the CPU's are just to inconsistent and have issue's that internet forums are full of.

So in the end its been an expensive waste of time and money on water blocks for AMD cpu's but i live and learn and i will now build me an intel system as i have done many times with out issue with WHEA error's.

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Adept II



I have asked about this and forwarded a link to this post to Gamers Nexus, OC3D, Hardware Canucks, TechPowerUp, AMD Ryzen, Gigabyte. 
You never know,  might get a reply.

I have sent many of the WHEA links to Steve Burke also. I really hope he looks into it. It is going to take a Steve or Linus to shed light on this issue I think. 

It worked to get the Radeon Drivers improved. 
The only way I see any AMD technical support folk on a thread is if someone starts fighting. 

How about it Pokester. 
Wanna fight? 
Only joking ... 


I think my fighting days are very much behind me. LOL

I'm just glad when I realize I am still breathing in the morning. 

Adept III

Sad to hear about your experience that unfortunately goes to show how unreliable those are (and why amd don't seem to have any spares available anymore already ...) 

Had a quite similar experience where I struggled with same issues (5950x on MSI motherboard) for a week before the cpu just flat lined and had to go through RMA .

Looks like these issues are indeed widespread on this line of CPU wich is very bad for a flagship, and never seen that many issues since my first PC build either and i've done quite a few ones on both Intel, AMD and even Cyrix since the days when 486 were considered powerful beasts ...

I wouldn't blame only AMD there tho, as considering the unusual quantity of orders TSMC got all of a sudden (Zen3, PS5/Xbox/ Professional line of Nvidia Ampere GPUs ...) , it seems very likely that they're the ones not fully testing/pushing faulty CPU to be able to deliver on promised numbers whilst possibly not having enough capacity/mastering over the 7nm process. Still, AMD should acknowledge the issue and setup a proper QA line before they send them out ...

But as someone pointed out in another thread, AMD will only look at it when it shows on their revenue, so all we can do is vote with our dollars and take our business to someone else it seems :/


found several threads this December with others Users having the same errors after having BSODs using the 5950x processor.

Either it is a bad batch during the manufacturing process or there is a defect in engineering design causing the WHEA errors and BSODs.

Possibly it could be a conflict with another 3rd party software running in the background.

Try booting into a Clean Windows environment and see if the WHEA errors occurs. If it doesn't then you know it is a 3rd party software possibly running in the background causing conflict.

Basically booting into a Clean Windows desktop is disabling all 3rd party programs except Microsoft. Including its services.

I have done that. I got the BSOD and random reboot on a clean install prior to installing any drivers.

Something is definitely wrong with either the BIOS, Chipset Drivers, or the CPU itself. Its time to be vocal about this as more people are reporting their frustrations online.

At the tech website one of the MS experts on BSOD mentioned that if you do clean install without installing any 3rd party drivers and the PC crashes it generally indicates a hardware issue.

I would RMA the processor and see if that fixes your problem since others with similar errors and BSODs all have different Computer setups except using AMD 5xxx series CPUs.

Either way Good luck.


What is different about your post of this error and the others already posted? Are you expecting different answers? You can post  as much as you want here to your limited audience or you can do what is required to bring the issue to a department that can do something about it. Not only that, you can furnish the support link to the people you say are experiencing this very issue.

Sending a report is not a invitation to a two way conversation with AMD.

One report from one person does not cause any excitement ...don't assume everyone else sent one in.

Same issue on my end. Im fed up.


I am able to disable CPB and all core overclock in order to run at least, but this is not what I paid for




True the more that Users open an AMD Support ticket concerning the same issue on similar processors AMD would try to duplicate the problem to see what is going on.

But if they don't get enough Users to open tickets it might make it harder for them to try and duplicate the issue on different computer setups.

It could just be a simple BIOS update to fix the issue but AMD first needs to duplicate the problem.

Besides, in my opinion, when AMD Warranty gets an unusually high RMA for a specific processor or family they will check it out and investigate to see what is common in all the returned processors and hopefully issue an fix either through BIOS or CHIP SET.

Also if the Moderators sees a pattern or unusual high amount of threads concerning the same or similar issue they will probably notify the appropriate AMD dept and see if they are aware of the problem.

I would like to add to my original statement that i have installed windows 5 times in a day trying to see if its the way i installed windows. the latest version of win 10 pro 20H2 was used.


Chipset drivers from M/B web site, Chipset drivers direct from AMD, with different GFX drivers, also used 3 different makes of M2 drives. also tried direct to SSD drive. No combination of install stopped the WHEA errors. even tried 2 different 5950x CPU's with fresh install's of win 10. The 2 x 5950x CPU's could not even run identically at default. with one CPU crashing with WHEA twice as often and could not get various memory kits to run the same on both CPU's.

This fact that 2 x 5950x CPU's could not run the same at default was the reason i gave up even trying any more. How is a motherboard manufacture going to produce a bios that will suit all CPU's if they cant run at default level. We expect that CPU's might OC differently because of the silicone lottery, but they should all be able to run at default. 

From what i have read over this frustrating period has highlighted one thing, M/B makers have produced many beta bios looking for the answer's on all boards, some people report one bios better for there CPU and for another its the opposite its worse. At first i thought user error how can 1 bios work better for one and worse for another using the same CPU.

Well after my experience using 2 x 5950x cpu's  i can say i know why, they don't all behave the same. 


But on a brighter note i built my new 10900k system yesterday, which was painless and is now running with out error's and apart from the slower workload ability's its been solid. as for any gamers its not slower either. For most user's they dont want problems and do not want to be diving into a bios looking to problem solve. All CPU's should be plug and play and i can see AMD system builders having many machines back to sort out if they can. 


its a shame as it seems some have no problems or loyal AMD fans wont admit any problems to protect the brand. I really wanted the 5950x to shine in my work environment, but i am also so very pleased i didn't invest totally and tested first.

I hope AMD can sort it out either way as when working as they should be i have no doubt they are fast and productive. like all big company's it will take a hit on there bottom line or increasing frustration and complaints by many people that will make them look into the issue's people are having. 

And to finish off my friends AMD 5950x is on its way for RMA as that chip was worse than mine. My 5950x sits waiting for a miracle bios or update from AMD to function as advertised. i have until the end of jan to return for a full refund. until then user's on many boards will await updates to cure the 5950X experience. the clock is ticking!


Good luck to all, with a merry Xmas  and happy new year!

RE: AMD fans wont admit any problems to protect the brand.

ount me out of that thanks.
I will let others speak for themselves. 

Did you open an email support case?




AMD AGESA still changing and causing problems for Motherboard BIOS stability.


What is different about your post of this error and the others already posted? Are you expecting different answers? You can post  as much as you want here to your limited audience or you can do what is required to bring the issue to a department that can do something about it. Not only that, you can furnish the support link to the people you say are experiencing this very issue.

Sending a report is not a invitation to a two way conversation with AMD.

One report from one person does not cause any excitement ...don't assume everyone else sent one in.


I am not posting anything different it seems from many others around the internet on many forums, I am posting my experience after switching from intel to AMD for the great Ryzen experience, which so far has been the worst experience in many years of building PC's.  

I am also not AMD's personal link provider to all the problems people are experiencing with there products. What i wanted was a product which offered what was shown in AMD's launch. A CPU which performed out of the box on AMD X570 supported motherboard hardware.

You can surf the internet providing links for AMD if you wish but I am done with this product, My experience of this product should never have happened if the back up to M/B makers from AMD was ready for the new Ryzen 5000 series of CPU's if in fact its not a production issue that the variance between 2 5950x cpu's can be so great. and having had 2 5950x cpu's i can tell you they are no where near equal. As stated before how can a board maker cover a bios to suit such variance in quality. 

I have invested in a product which not only fails in its basic operation at default, but even if you know your way around a bios which many don't make it still unstable at stock. 

Its in AMD's interest to search for any issue's online and believe me if they looked they would find plenty to read. Like all big corporations the bottom line is what counts and they wont care to look until that is hurt.

The general consensus from many hardware boards and forums is Ryzen 5000 hard work to stabilize 100% and in business or home desktop environments this is not what the experience should be like for many user's who have switched from a stable system.

As stated before its a shame as the potential is there, but not when 2 X 5950x CPU's cant behave in the same board in the same way using the same DDR4 X 3 sets with many beta bios release's. You would think they were totally different variants of CPU. Just not good enough for any kind of consistency of performance be it silicone based or chipset support based.

As already stated the AMD setup sits in its case ready for the miracle bios or update which will allow it to run at stock speeds with out self rebooting and WHEA errors and instability.  


I put together a bunch of related links to this issue in Reddit. I hope someone up there pays attention.

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This sounds like lack of voltage through the board, system agent voltage or similar.

I had WHEA BSOD but fixed it with SSA and CPU base voltages, disable all power saving modes in BIOS.

Put all values back to stock, and overvolt these parameters, benchmark and monitor the voltage.




I wait for my build from PCSpecialist with 5900X and Crosshair VIII Hero.

if I’d read all these posts before, I would  have sticked to Intel and wait for 11900K.

here is a link from OCN :

AMD, when do you plan to communicate on all these issues that your customers can experiment ?

if not, believe me, you will see some poor turnover figures for your next Ryzen range.

I know a lot of people who stopped their project to build a Ryzen 5000 and wait for 11900k from Intel.


AMD, please, communicate to what happens exactly on your chip qualities.

Well here we are, nearly 6 months after my first post on WHEA error's and now sporting the very same machine with numerous bios updates along with chipset updates and AMD reduce the speed of the CPU boost to stop idle reboots to help some, but this isn't the speed AMD claimed at launch.

15 beta bios's later. many AGEA updates and even at reduced boost speeds we still have beta bios' WHEA error's  along with USB issues. I am so pleased i didn't invest to AMD in my work place.

Never again will i attempt to switch away from a stable platform on AMD claims at launch of a product with out seeing all the facts of user experiences via theses very forums and others. 

For all you user's who have invested hard earned cash and are still waiting for fix's to the WHEA, and USB issues and most having to pay over the odds prices because of the lack of supply think hard on your wallet next time.

AMD the 6 month timeline to stability is a joke. 


No more AMD i will keep an eye on it and see if at some stage AMD ever get this platform stable.


See you in another 6 months guys! good luck to all with AMD hardware.



select pcie gen 3 for gpu may fix usb issue..... (future need wait update only)

ddr3 3600 is oc the cpu fclk 1800.... need add more soc for stability... 1.125volt (this may fix the whea error in gaming) else drop 3200mhz

over boost oc will end up whea error................

just sharing my troubleshooting....