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Adept I

5950x Underperforming by 8,000 Points - Any Ideas on How to Fix It?

Hi Y'all,

I'm finding that my AMD 5950x is scoring around 37,000 in the PassMark CPU tests. This score puts it 9,000 points lower than the 5950x average of 46,000 points.  Shouldn't the stock 5950x be reaching the 46,000 mark?

My CPU Temp barely gets above 70* even when gaming in Microsoft Flight Simulator for hours. It's almost like it's underpowered. It maxed out at 75.6* today.

Edit: I just ran Flight Simulator again - the CPU boosts upon launch and gets me 40 FPS in full load at around 80* C, then it pulls back to 20 FPS and sits at 60*C. Something is causing it to underperform.

I've enabled Core Performance Boost and that's it. I think this CPU should perform at 46,000 when stock (not overclocked).

I built my PC and the 5950x is the original CPU.



Strix 3090 OC

32 GB 3600 MHz RAM


So, right now, I've got a 5950x running somewhere between a 5800x and 5900x in terms of score.

Any ideas as to what's going on and how to fix it?


See benchmark below:

benchmark Oct 22.PNG




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