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Journeyman III

5950x Stuttering on my ROG Crosshair 8 Dark Hero after an hour or two.

Before I get into the problem, my specs:


  • CPU set to 4000 @ 1.2
  • RAM at 3600

Anyway, I'm experiencing micro-stutters when I'm watching either a Twitch or Youtube video. It randomly occurs after an hour or two, and it goes away like nothing happened. So far, these are what I did.

  • Uninstalled unnecessary programs
  • Used only 2 RAM sticks (after a seperate issue where one of the RAM sticked died and I bought two more to replace that)
  • Removed one SSD drive (it was when it had problems before, but I recovered it...separate issue before this)
  • Updated AMD Drivers
  • CH8 Dark Hero's Bios is at 3601 due to that I went back from the latest, hoping it was the bios that caused wasn't.
  • Updated to Windows 11 (went back after the stutter happened)
  • Changed the CPU to default settings

That's about it.

After 2 weeks of trying to find out what it was, due to not enough time to see the results of each and work. I used HWinfo64 to find out that the CPU did spike in a couple cores when it stuttered. It started after I put in the CPU, which I had to clean the CPU teeth when the thermal paste got onto it by accident when I was putting it on my MB. Dunno if it's my MB or the CPU, but this random occurrence is getting on my nerves.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.

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Adept I

I experienced some stuttering as well with my brand new build (5950x on Aorus Master x570s). It would manifest while gaming after several hours of up time, and go away after a restart, only to come back gradually and get more pronounced. It would also happen under Windows.

I did not get any thermal grease on the cpu pins, like you did, but I doubt this would matter if cleaned properly. You should be more careful when handling the CPU. Use some rubbing alcohol and tissue paper to remove it, and wait for the alcohol to evaporate before inserting the CPU. This works really well with thermal grease.

As for my stuttering issue. I thought at first my DDR3200 RAM kit was just too slow and something was not syncing. I bought DDR4000 RAM and the problem was still there, although it seemed less pronounced. I tried all kinds of CPU settings in UEFI in the process of troubleshooting this. Then randomly one morning my video card fans went full bore as I booted my computer, and the screen remained black. I reset the computer and it booted, but did the same thing as soon as windows loaded.

I ended up turning off the power, disconnecting the outside power cord and reseating the GPU. I remembered this had happened to me with this particular GPU in my previous computer, once in 5 years of use, and I attributed it to some random electrical issue.

My PC was working fine again, and, lo and behold, my stutter has been gone since.

I guess I'm sharing this to encourage you to explore beyond your CPU/RAM for possible causes of this. Your PCIe bus could be causing this, for example.

I still don't know if my issue was caused by this, because I didn't test to confirm. It could be coincidence. Another thing I did around the same time, which you might want to try, is to download the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard from AMD. You can check to see what version you motherboard vendor is providing you on its own site, and if the version is different on AMD's site, I recommend giving those a try.

Ryzen 9 5950X - Scythe Fuma2 - Gigabyte Aorus X570s Master Rev1 - Gskill TridentZ Neo F4-4000C18-32GTZN