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Journeyman III

5950x restarts when i do CPU stress test or play fifa, watchdog

I have recently purchased my rig with my complete saving for a rig that has all the top tier components
following is the specification of my rig

1. 5950X processor
2. 570x Asus dark hero MB
3 Trident 16x4 (64 GB) ram cl16
4. RTX 3090 
5. 360mm AIO (extra 3 fans)
6. 1000W 80+G PSU

there is no issue of temps max(66C) neither with the airflow 
I have never overclocked either 

at the start, i was confused about what is making my system restart
I reinstalled games and windows multiple times before knowing I can benchmark my components to check
which is causing the issue.

my GPU and RAM didn't have any issues 
ran the stress multiple times on both 

but as soon as I ran stress it starts within 30 sec
and the temp never went more than 45C this time

Please help to solve my problem 
i never thought i will have this kind of problem


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I went to your Motherboard's QVL List for RAM MEMORY for the 5000 series CPUs:

I used search to find all G-Skill 4x16GB RAM Modules. Only one was compatible in 4 DIMM Slots all the rest was compatible only on 2 DIMM Slots:

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png

Try removing the RAM from Dimm slots A1 & B1 and see if it restarts when you stress the CPU. This is just to try and eliminate incompatible RAM.

Or just try with just one RAM Stick and see if it restarts under stress.