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Journeyman III

5950x clock and heat

I don't get it..  I work for a small tv station and i've built a ryzen 5950x workstation for video editing to hopefully replace several puget boxes that we currently have.  the important specs are as follows:

ryzen 5950x

bequiet 360 AIO cooler

Asus Pro WS x570-ACE m/b

corsair vengence 2133 ram (32 gigs)

samsung 980 pro m.2

corsair 1000 watt PSU..

if all is set as 'default' in the bios, it idles happily at 28-32c.   When put under a rendering test load, sits comfortably in the low 60c's, but only clocking at 3.8GHz or so..  i understand boosting to 4.9 is single core, but under basic default settings, shouldn't this thing be cruising comfortably at 4.3-4.5GHz at 60-70c on all cores when under load?  and yes, my workplace is very well air conditioned. 

my workstation at home has an Asus prime z390-A with an i9-9900k, and a Bequiet 280MM AIO cooler..  no overclocking whatsoever.  only changes in the bios are xmpII enabled and all the cores are sync'd so all cores are always running at the same clock, and under heavy load that 'jumps' to 4.79GHz and doesn't BUDGE, running happily in the low to mid 70's tops, in my non-air-conditioned place where it gets fairly warm.  once back to idle it drops back to 28c-30c.. 

if i do a mild auto OC and PBO with ryzen master, it'll run the same render jobs at 4.3GHz, however it heats up to 85-90c

my i9-9900k has a TDP of 95 watts, the ryzen is only 105 watts...  and has a much larger cooler.  i was expecting it to run very close to, if not the same, GHz as my i9 when under full load. 

yes, all bios/firmware are the latest official & stable releases (no betas).  All drivers are the latest official releases (again, no betas).

what gives?

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Your CPU is working correctly. If you have doubts about said CPU performance, you run a benchmark to compare it with other systems to assess the situation.

You can run e.g. Cinebench R23 multicore benchmark and post score. You should have 24 000- 32 000 depending on silicon and cooler quality.

You also increased performance by unleashing  PBO limits, I suppose you increased those limits a lot, and you have major increase in performance and corresponding temperature. Your "mild" OC with PBO is probably not mild, but massive. You can compare Cinebench scores with OC and without and difference will be significant.

In my opinion, your system works beautifully and delivers state-of-the-art performance with the hobbyist budget (only issue is memory which is slow and imposes significant performance penalty in comparison with mainstream 3600MHz CL16).


I haven't unleashed anything with PBO.  The only settings i've adjusted were in ryzen master, and i set that to auto overclock.  that's it.. 

My  Boss is going to order 3600MHz ram because that should sync properly with the speed of the fabric, but otherwise i don't expect to gain much, if any, performance from that.

I ran blender bench, and while it scored well, i'm just very surprised by the heat and why the clock speed isn't showing higher. I'm well aware how cpus run and these days single core clock speed is almost more of a marketing gimmick than true performance when measured in IPC, however with a max boost of 4.9Ghz, I'd think this would cruise pretty effortlessly at around 4.3GHz all cores on the default settings, especially considered the cooling solution we've provided.

we're putting it against a xeon w2245..  yes i know on paper it's the theoretical tortoise and the hare (intel being the former), however there's something to be said for consistency and ease of use, especially in a production environment.


Could you run Cinebench R23, so we can see what performance are we talking about?

You can install it from Microsoft Store -


3600MHz CL16 memory is the best and the most simple, if you can buy 2 sticks of double-sided or 4 sticks of single-sided memory. 32gb is not very much for work, 64gb is maybe more appropriate, but do things as you need.