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5950x blue screen whea error


I built a new computer, but Adobe Premiere does not work and crashes during editing and there is a blue screen (WHEA error).
After Effects also goes to blue screen after some seconds of timeline playback.

My specs: Ryzen 5950x, Asus proart b550, gskill 2x32gb memory, nvidia 2080 rtx, fractal 860w psu and windows 10

For my part, I have done:
* BIOS different versions - DOES NOT HELP
* BIOS default settings (XMP on / off) - DOES NOT HELP
* Turbo on / off - DOES NOT HELP
* Two different video cards - NOT HELPING
* Different video card drivers - NOT HELPING
* Windows reset - NOT HELPING
* Video files on different hdds - DOES NOT HELP

Adobe Premiere, After Effects does not work. Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, which is also video editing software, does not work either.

PC passes all kinds of different stress tests - Cinebench, Aida, 3D mark, etc. Also passed 4 cyclic memtest86.
It wont crash during windows time - browsing or watching Youtube etc. But it will randomly crash during video editing. I have googeled around and some people say that the CPU is faulty. Could that be the issue? What is the solution? Anyone else had/having similar problems?

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I just brought a 5950x and I'm having the exact same issue.


Got an email from AMD support to RMA the CPU.


I'm in contact with them now, they want me to do a bunch of tests before they proceed with a RMA. Did they do the same with you?


Havent had the chance to start the process.

Is it time consuming? A lot of tests?


Yes, I would say so. They gave me a entire book of things to try. Most of them I have tried though.


Ok! Let me know how it goes and if you so to speak pass all the tests to rma the cpu. Btw do you also have problems with video postproduction apps?


Sure will.


Well I don't use video post production apps. I use illustration software and I have no problem with that. The 5950x runs very well with them. The problem for me comes when playing games that use light processing. Its what would cause the reboots. I read some people who say just by watching youtube that the cpu would reboot with a whea error. I haven't experienced that at all.

After reading all the problems with the cpu, I'm starting to think they aren't faulty. But its just some voltage issue that could be corrected with a bios update. It just wouldn't make much sense for this many 5950x to be faulty. But of course I could be wrong.


Ok, let me know if the voltage thing helps you.

What motherboard are you using?


I'm using Asus Dark Hero with the latest bios. MSI recommends increasing the vcore offset by +0.05. I tried it and so far it worked. If I game without it then I get the dreaded whea 18 within 10mins or so. But with the increased voltage I'm able to game with no crashes.

I've experienced one crash since increasing the voltage. Thats when I alt tabbed and opened my radeon software UI. I got the whea 18 error. But that has been the only time since. 


Ok, nice to hear that it helps. I got my cpu changed. My pc parts supplier agreed to change it and at the moment everyhing seems ok. But Im in the early stages of my testing.