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Journeyman III

5950X benchmark performance

Hi folks

I've taken delivery today of a 5950x and am struggling to configure my PC to enable the processor to perform as it should. Initially I couldn't get the CPU to boost beyond its base clock, but a download of a BIOS update to my motherboard helped with that (ASUS X570-F). I've made sure all of the latest chipset drivers are installed etc. but the CPU appears to still be performing way under expectations. For example the time spy extreme CPU score is under 6,000

Are there some common trouble shooting steps beyond making sure the BIOS and chipset drivers are up to date? I'm considering doing a complete windows reinstallation to see if that helps.

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Journeyman III

One other strange thing is that both task manager and geekbench think that my 5950x processor is 8 core, 16 thread. I can't work out why


If you have a spare drive to test with I would do a clean install of Windows and see if that changes anything.

If not my best guess is you are going to have to wait for yet another bios update or you have a faulty cpu.

There are quite a few complaints along these lines of these top cpus not behaving as they should.

I would definitely contact AMD support about this:

I would also contact the support department of you motherboard. They would be able to best help you determine if it is a bios issue and if so maybe have another beta for you to try, or if they think it is a faulty CPU. 


Hi friends. I am sorry if this is off topic but I would like to see if anyone else that owns the 5950x experiencing this.

I got my new build yesterday with Ryzen 5950x and Asus Rog Strix X-570 E Gaming motherboard.

What concerns me is that I read people have high temperatures with Ryzen 5900x and 5950x. And I use 7 CoolerMaster fans of good quality and the CoolerMaster hyper 212 black edition cooler with extra 2 even better CoolerMaster fans of 37A.

I am getting in idle mode 55-60 degrees celsius that it doesn't look normal. Will check again if the cooler installation didn't complete properly.

In Dota 2 for example when I am watching a match and use the showcase view, I got even 70 degrees celsius. Any thoughts? I have updated the bios tonthe latest version.


Same thing has happening to me and I'm seeing others reporting the same on reddit. Seems there might be an bug with the temperature read outs and it seems random. Either that or there is a serious flaw with regards to random spikes that are causing temps are jump massively. I doubt it's the latter as running benchmarks doesn't seem to cause huge spikes, unless this is solely related to single core boost or something. 

Hoping AMD release a statement soon as this is very concerning.