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5900X x570 Unify AGESA Bios Flashed back to Bios

So where to begin Lol, I have to watch my language because I'm as hot as my CPU while Idle on  my W10 Desktop! So I just upgraded my bios to the AGESA bios update on MSI website. I've had my MB and CPU for little less than a year, I have not had any problems up into this point. I have been able to run my RIG at default settings 3200/CL16 no problems with temps averaging 30-40 Celsius low load, and about 70-75 Celsius Gaming  with cores avg. 4.4-4.45. As soon as I see that there is a new AGESA bios update I think why not, these companies look out for the customers best interest they are professionals??? Lol. Well, long story short I flash mt bios in hopes that it helps my CPU become more efficient , LOL FOOL ME ONCE Houston we have a problem! My 5900x/ x570 Unify/MSI 850 PSU/MSI 360R Coreliquid Rad/3200CL16 Rig is no longer efficient let alone able to idle at 30-40 Celsius or hit 4.4 GHZ while gaming!!!! 3.9 GHZ is where its at now while gaming and god forbid I try to ALT tab out of my game or task manager out of my game, I freeze forever until my desktop finally decides to register anything!! To say that AGESA 1205 broke my rig is an understatement LOL it murdered my RIG, and all AMD can say to me when I try to RMA is, did you know that the 5900x idles at 45-50 Celsius naturally LOL!! Can't believe I let them FOOL me to thinking that I would have a great Gaming Rig and decided to move away from  my all INTEL build and go all AMD build!!! INTEL would have fixed the situation instead of trying to question my Processor knowledge!! GREAT Customer Service AMD this may be the last time, and to fill you guys in I'm still trying to get them to send me an RMA barcode to send the CPU back so they can see for themselves!!!!

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Sorry to hear that. I'm sure I'd be upset too, but I wanted to know, were you able to successfully flash back your BIOS to and is your system running normally again?

I just came across this article yesterday, regarding your same issues.

AMD's Newest BIOS Code Reportedly Wreaks Havoc on Performance, Stability 

I'm also that type of person who likes to update to the latest BIOS and drivers, so I'm lucky I came across that information beforehand. Also, I checked my ASRock X570 BIOS page and it's good to see their latest version is still on AGESA

Hopefully this thread can be a fair warning to others and quoting from the linked article,

"If you are an AMD Ryzen owner, we would highly recommend staying away from both AGESA and BIOS updates if at all possible. For now, it appears that is the latest stable AGESA code until AGESA patches arrive which should hopefully fix all these problems."

/sig Fun guy.

Remember the old adage 'don't fix it if it ain't broke'?  I've been working with computers since the 70's and it's a very good rule of thumb.

If your system is running stable, don't upgrade the BIOS.  Funny thing is, on their BIOS downloads page, Asrock recommends NOT upgrading the BIOS if your computer is running normally.  I think other mobo manufacturers should do the same, in a huge red font - 'IF YOUR SYSTEM IS RUNNING FINE, NAVIGATE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE NOW!!!!'

I'm still on Agesa - system runs fine and is rock solid under all conditions.  There's simply no reason to upgrade the BIOS.



Unfortunately I was able to flash back but whatever happened when I flashed the 1205 update was permanent. With everything default and memory running at 2133 when gaming my cpu overheats and throttles causing my pc to crash and reboot. Finally got AMD to accept my RMA so doing that this week hopefully they can make it right. This is sadly my last AMD build as they have to many issues. And treat the average customer like we did something wrong when they are the ones having to issue so many updates.

Do It Right The First Time, So You Don't Have To Do It Over, Again!

I only ever use Asus motherboards.. Most problems I see around the net are MSI and Gigabyte motherboards..

AMD's Newest BIOS Code Reportedly Wreaks Havoc on Performance, Stability | Tom's Hardware (tomshardw...

At the end of the article, looks like Asus pulled the update!! Giga and MSI still have (or had) it available...


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This is not due to your CPU but to the bungled Agesa code. With this version, micro stutters and sound disturbances are recorded when fTPM is activated under Windows 11. With the previous version C, at least for me, hardly any noticeable errors occurred. On the other hand, my Ryzen 5600x now clocks about 100 Mhz slower and the maximum voltage is about 1.41 volts as opposed to 1.445 volts before. I also had to re-set my Ram to 3600Mhz with the Agesa because my previous setup at 3900Mhz was no longer bootable.
I use GSkill Trident Z Royal Gold 32GB 4000Mhz. Have also often read in forums that there are many users who all have problems with the clock frequency and voltage under Agesa


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