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Adept II

5900x Temperatures


I have a 5900x on a Dark Hero board, i'm using PBO + curve optimizer with those settings below and I have an EK AIO 360

I've got an RMA of the AIO and it seems the temps are not great but i had the same issue before but quite random, on the same game for instance temps could be around 50/55 but sometimes go above 70 but with the tests i've done today it's always around 72/73c. Is it normal? thanks

What could I tweak to lower those temps if they are not ok?

Core VID [1.310]
CCX0 Ratio [47.00]
CCX0 Ratio [46.00]
Dynamic OC Switcher [Enabled]
Current Threshold to Switch to OC Mode [90]
Calibrated Temperature Threshold to switch back [80]

Precision Boost Overdrive [Advanced]
PBO Limits [Manual]
PPT Limit [W] [200]
TDC Limit [A] [140]
EDC Limit [A] [160]
Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Manual]
Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [1X]
Curve Optimizer [Per Core]
Curve Optimizer [Per Core]
Core 0 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 0 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 1 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 1 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Core 2 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 2 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 3 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 3 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 4 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 4 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 5 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 5 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Core 6 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 6 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 7 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 7 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 8 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 8 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Core 9 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 9 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 10 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 10 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [30]
Core 11 Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative]
Core 11 Curve Optimizer Magnitude [15]
Max CPU Boost Clock Override [100MHz]

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Adept II

I run my 5900X with an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 like this:

PBO advanced

PBO limits disabled

Curve optimizer set all cores negative 25.

My temps are similar.  

My temps used to be higher but then I figured out my pump speed was set too low in my bios.  Jacked it up and idle and max temps dropped.


Oh so my temps are all fine I guess especially when using PBO?

Adept III

I'm running a custom loop with 3x 360 rads (Xe, PE and SE) and 2x D5 pumps at full speed but I also have the GPU in the loop (6900xt). My 5900x cpu (oc'd to 4.7 all cores) gets into 68-69c when playing so I'd say yh your temps are normal. as long as they don't get ridiculous high for a watercooled cpu (on the 80/90/100c) just don't worry about it and enjoy whatever you play

Edit: my gpu is also oc'd and never gets over 50c on the hotspot

EK watercooled 6900xt - 5900x - Lian Li XL - Samsung neo G8 - Logitech G910 - Hero G502

Is there any point in putting a voltage offset when using curve optimizer? Like reducing by -0.1125 ?