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Journeyman III

5900X: system constantly freezing and rebooting

My 5900X caused my system to crash endlessly for 2 months, until I managed to fix the issue through sheer luck (it had to do with a very specific voltage settings in my Asrock B550 BIOS - could have been SOC voltage) and my system has been very stable for the last couple of months.

However, I clicked on the one-click overclock option in Ryzen Master yesterday which reset my BIOS. Having lost the setting(s) that kept my system stable, my 5900X is now back to the constant crashes I had to endure at the start. I've forgotten the specific changes I made to the BIOS that fixed the issue, because I was troubleshooting using trial and error and didn't log my changes.

I don't know what to do now. If anyone knows about the various voltage settings in Asrock's BIOS to fix 5900X stability, I'd be grateful.

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Adept II

There is a 76 pages long thread here devoted to this. Why create a new one?

There is the info you need on page 74 there.


I spent hours reading through that thread. I tried all of the suggestions and proposed solutions but nothing helped, despite almost 50 hours of troubleshooting using the BIOS. Therefore, I created a new thread with the same problem, because when you pay $549 on a broken product that you'r stuck with, you'll do whatever it takes to resolve the issue - even create a duplicate thread which will receive just one or two replies from sensitive forum members and almost certainly provide no help at all!

Journeyman III

I’ve got a different cpu mine is r5 3600x but this is what it work for me , I’ve disabled all services apart from Microsoft and I’ve slowly narrowed down to ASUs services and something else also try disabled the core performance enhancer