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Adept I

5900X Overheating


After about a year of working normally, my 5900X has recently started to overheat at idle (60-70C) with the MSI CoreLiquid 360R in the Meshify C.

I don’t remember installing any programs or updates around this time - in fact I think it started while I was in the middle of using the computer. 



- When I boot into Windows, all fans ramp up to full for a bit, then calm down.

- My idle temperature with nothing open is 60-70C, and maxes out at 80C if I put it under load.

- When I open some applications, the fans ramp up to full for a bit


So far, I have:

- Reseated CPU/AIO

- Dusted my computer

- Replaced thermal paste (MX-4)

- Reset BIOS

- Cleared CMOS

- Reinstalled drivers

- Done a complete fresh install of windows (where it was still overheating before installing anything)

- Run Windows Memory Diagnostics (no problems)

- Changed power plan to balanced

- Run chkdsk (no problems)


Other Information

- I also have temperature problems in Ubuntu when I checked with lm-sensors and psensors.

- I have no overclocks except for XMP on the RAM

- I can run AIDA or Prime95, both where the CPU is pegged at 90C, and clock speeds stay constant. I have not had my computer shut off due to overheating.

- My AIO pump reports to be working at 4000RPM, and the tubes feel about the same temperature. I only feel a small vibration from the pump at full speed.

- I get 18000-20000 in Multi-Core Cinebench R23 (which seems low)

- I am aware of similar AIOs failing, and unfortunately mine is just out of warranty - and it still seems to work consider the computer doesn’t shut off due to overheating

System Specs

- Ryzen 9 5900X

- NViDIA RTX 3070

- MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi

- MSI CoreLiquid 360R

- 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

- Sabrent Rocket 4 (500GB)

- Windows 11 Pro (22000.434)


TL;DR: CPU started overheating seemingly randomly and I have tried anything I could find with no avail - it might be a hardware problem?

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Adept I

I have purchased a new AIO and replaced the MSI one with a model from EK. The problem seems to have been fixed, so something was wrong with the MSI one. Even though the pump reported to be working in BIOS and MSI Centre, it was not cooling properly. I tried to get air bubbles out, but it did not work. The temperature and vibrations of the tubes would also suggest that it was working, so it seems to be quite a strange problem it had, and replacing it fixed it.

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There has been at least two other users using MSI AIO CPU Coolers that have caused their Processors to overheat.

All above threads the Users were using a MSI AIO CPU Cooler. The last two links were the latest.

But first make sure your MSI AIO is installed correctly and evenly and tightly secured to the processor. That fluid is circulating and there are no air flow obstructions to the radiator and its fans. That the Radiator fans are running at maximum speed and the pump RPMs are normal.

NOTE: Just to rule out the MSI AIO CPU Cooler install temporarily a AIR CPU Cooler and see if it runs cooler. If it does then you know that either you installed the MSI AIO incorrectly or it has become defective.


Thanks for the reply, I have seen both here and other forums that other people have reported problems with the MSI AIO, unfortunately I do not have another cooler which I can use to rule out the AIO.

I can feel a small amount of vibration in the tubes (which I assume is liquid flow) and the pump when the computer is on. In MSI Centre the pump is reported at 4000RPM.

The CPU block is tightened reasonably  well to the mount and both screws are evenly tightened.


I was considering purchasing another AIO as mine is just out of warranty, but from what I can tell (other than the temps) it seems to be working and I wanted to make sure that was the problem first.

Typical of Manufacturer's Warranties. I had a Burner or or some other hardware that became defective about a week after the Warranty elapsed. Talk about being frustrated.

My very expensive 4k LG Monitor after a year and 4 months is going bad. The LG Monitor only had a 1 year warranty. The edges of the monitor has a pronounce white border three quarters around the screen. I just wait until I can't view it anymore before purchasing a new monitor.

Since you mentioned everything was working normally and then for no reason your processor started overheating does indicate a CPU Cooler malfunction.

Is the Radiator input hose to the CPU Water block slightly cooler than the output hose?  because you mentioned that both the input and output hose feels the same in temperature. That indicates fluid is not flowing or not flowing correctly.

Possibly you have a air bubble that is blocking the fluid from flowing correctly.

When you installed the water block did you properly apply the Thermal paste or maybe the thermal paste went bad and isn't removing heat very well from the processor to the water block surface.

Really the only way is by installing another AIO or Air CPU Cooler.

even though your MSI AIO is out of Warranty I would still open a MSI Support ticket and see what they recommend in fixing your situation.



Thanks for the second reply - when I reseated the CPU and AIO I also repasted it, although the paste from before seems fine. 

In terms of the tubes, there is one that is very slightly warmer than the other, but they are very similar. 

Because it seems common for this cooler to fail, I was considering one like the EK-AIO 360 D-RGB.


I’ll open an MSI support ticket to see what they can do.

How would I go about removing an air bubble of there was one?


There are YouTube videos that shows how to do it.

One method is by tilting your Computer case at a 45 Degree angles both ways. That might help dislodge any air bubbles inside the water block or AIO.

Here is one that mentions about tilting your PC back and forth to dislodge any air in the waterblock:

This YouTube by asetec AIO shows how to physically move the Radiator to remove any air in the system:

That AIO CPU Cooler really looks like a very good one. Here is a review from 2022 for best CPU Coolers for the 5900X:

Screenshot 2022-01-20 180433.png


Thanks for the response; I've heard on this and go to other places that other people have had issues with the MSI AIO; sadly, I don't have another cooler to rule out.

When the computer is turned on, I can feel a minor bit of vibration in the tubes (which I presume is liquid flow) and the pump. The pump at MSI Centre is said to be running at 4000 RPM.

The CPU block is securely fastened to the mount, and both screws are tightened evenly.

I was thinking about getting a new AIO because mine is about to expire, but it appears to be working from what I can tell (other than the temperatures), so I wanted to make sure that wasn't the issue first.


Hi Joshhazzer!!

First, sorry to hear that your PC is not working at its peak level we all work so hard to maintain.  I know what a frustrating situation this can be especially when it involves possibly putting out more money on already expensive hardware.   I can't count the number of times I have been in a similar spot over the decades.  

Is it possible to borrow ANY air cooler or AIO CLC  from a friend or fellow hardware junkie in your area for troubleshooting purposes?  If this is possible you can zero in on the cause of your problem or eliminate your AIO  CLC from the list of suspects. 

I would be happy to help with a test loaner part  if you are in the central Ohio area by chance.  

Also, if you boot into the BIOS after the PC has been shut down for sometime, what does the CPU temp look like?  Does it start at normal and then elevate quickly?  If so how long before it reaches high temps?

If you do decide to go the new AIO CLC route, there are several good looking next gen ones (new EVGA Gen 7 looks NICE!) coming VERY soon.  These type of issues are often the best teacher for sharpening our troubleshooting & PC/TECH repair skills but I hope you get a quick resolve.  
Good luck!


I think it's possible that the impellor on your pump is going bad. Try a different cpu cooler or another aio and see if the temps come under control.

Journeyman III

while your pump may be working, it is very possible that it is clogged up enough to severely restrict fluid flow.

I took apart one of my first AIO's and the gunk inside the pump was nasty.


I had the same issue, and i have an excellent AIO. I ended up going to a 5800x as the overheating did not go away. I think it might be your MOBO or needs updated software.


My system is similar to yours and I'm having the same heat issue. It was running great prior to a bios update (msi's latest beta supposedly for win11) and an os upgrade. I had just updated the msi bios and jumped to windows 11 last week. With running balanced power profile and normal use, I am getting all fans ramped up and heat pushing 70-80c with barely any load.  The liquid is around 34 temp and the pump is at 2600+. If I put the power profile to power-saving, the cpu will idle at 38 (which is around what is normally was on balanced). I have re-seated the cpu and re-pasted, cleared bios, reapplied amd software, etc. The aio is not even 2 years old.

ryzen 5900x

msi meg ace x570

nzxt x73 360mm aio

32gb g.skill 3800mhz cl14

evga 3080ti ftw3 hybrid

windows 11 pro

fractal meshify s2 w/ 4x additional case fans (not including rad fans)


Adept I

I have purchased a new AIO and replaced the MSI one with a model from EK. The problem seems to have been fixed, so something was wrong with the MSI one. Even though the pump reported to be working in BIOS and MSI Centre, it was not cooling properly. I tried to get air bubbles out, but it did not work. The temperature and vibrations of the tubes would also suggest that it was working, so it seems to be quite a strange problem it had, and replacing it fixed it.

ya, sometimes its best to just troubleshoot one piece at a time. Good job!