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Journeyman III

5900x lockups/reboots

5900x CPU, Gigabyte Aorus x570 Elite MOBO (flashed with latest BIOS), Gskill v 32gb 3600mhz RAM, Corsair RM850 PSU, 1TB Samsung m.2 boot drive

So I built my system about 8 months ago, and its been running fine until the last few weeks. I started getting random reboots at idle, at first it was once or twice a day, usually when my computer had been idle for a period of time. That escalated into my computer either locking up or rebooting within a few minutes of hitting the login screen/desktop, even got some reboots in BIOS.

Event viewer shows an event 41 kernel power each time. 

I tried everything I could think of, swapped out every single component for a known working, tweaked endless BIOS settings (including DOCP on/off, bumping up ram voltage etc). Finally landed on turning off both PBO/PBO Scalar and CBS. I had turned off PBO and CBS individually before but I was still getting lockups.

I've been stable for about an hour now with PBO/CBS off, what does this mean? Bad CPU? 

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Check the CPU for missing or bent pins.

Check the AM4 socket (CPU socket) for debris damage or in most cases thermal compound. Thermal compound is easy to get in the socket without noticing during assembly of the PC which is electrically as well as thermally conductive.

Your CPU socket may just need to cleaned.

Also check your MOBO website and ensure you have the latest CPU chipset drivers.

Sometimes when placing a heatsink on the CPU it can push some thermal compound around the edges of the CPU since it hasn't had time to set it can leak around the CPU and get into the socket. 

Its easy to clean out but time consuming. Recommend removing MOBO from case using non conductive ceramic tools and thin cotton cloth with Isopropyl alcohol to clean out thermal compound.

The thin cotton cloth I use is easy to get. I use the same cloth used in rifle cleaning kits. You can find this cloth in any sporting goods store it's cheap and it works.