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Journeyman III

5900x HIGH temps IDLE and Gaming

Hi there! i have several questions about my Ryzen 5900x. Coming from an intel I7 4790k this was a HUGE performance boost but also a temps Shock as i see peaks of 85 while gaming and 51-60 on idle some times in Stock with no OC. I try everything to tame those temps: Reapply thermal paste (kryonout) and reinstall the aio twice. I disable PBO on Uefi (BIOS) only enable DOCP to get those 3600mhz working i dont really know what i miss or what is wrong but idk why the temps are so high on iddle sometimes and gaming. Is summer here in Buenos Aires and the ambient temp was sightly high but i allways maintain the room temp about 22-23C.

Some time pass since i assambly the rig and get shock by the temps... and now all seems to settle down but still a little to high.  As i write this post the idle temps are about 45-50C and 72-77C with some 80-84C peaks while gaming.  Any suggestions? maybe undervolting ? change the AIO? 

Sory for the long post but i preffer to tell all the story process in order to get a good advise.  

i will show my specs and some prints of HWMonitor/HWInfo64 updated 1/2/2021

Ryzen 5900x

Mother Asus Dark Hero x570

Aio Corsair h100i Pro RGB (240) 2100RPM Pump/ 1500 both fans. 

Ram 3600mhz Trident Royal. 16gb. 



IDDLE.pngiddle hwinfo.png

Temps while Gaming

Gaming Lobby.png

Max temp 

gaming temps 2.png

I run Cinebench 23 with 73-76 max Temps. 



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Journeyman III

Update your motherboard BIOS.  That lowered temps by around -10C for me on my ASUS X570 TUF.  The original BIOS' that came with the board was Zen3 compatible, not Zen3 optimised, but the new BIOS' are optimised.

Adept II

Does the temp change significantly when you increase pump voltage / U/Min?

From your screenshots everthing looks ok with Package Power and Voltages.

With an 240mm AIO you will be a little limited. I don't expect much lower Temps, even at 100% pump / fan, maybe 5-10°C lower. Radiator in front (cool air) or top (some hot ait from GPU) will also make a great difference