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Adept I

5900X crashing in games, but not cpu stress test

Hello, all.

I just replaced my old but reliable 1800X with a 5900X and now I can't play anymore. Any game I try after few minutes the result is rebooting. Aida64, Cine R23, idle or youtube work just fine. Mostly errors are related to kernel power (41 and 55), but I saw distributedcom 10010. I tried running 3200 (ram speed is 3600), still not working. I don't really think it's a power supply problem, because I didn't have any problems before. Could it be a defective CPU or is there any tweak that could fix it?


5900X (1800X before) NH-D15 cooler
B450-F Strix Gaming (latest bios)
32 GB Kingston Fury
EVGA Supernova 750 G2
Storage (3 SSD's, 1 NVME, 1 HD)

Thanks in advance and sorry my bad english (isn't my first language).

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Adept I

Sometimes 5900X is very sensible about the RAM, are you using a dual channel RAM or a single channel RAM? Sometimes because of faulty RAM, the games crashes. 

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GTX 1650 MB: B450 Mortar Max

Shouldn't faulty memories affect cpu stress test as well? I run R23 almost 30 minutes, Blender, Aida 64 and rock solid. Something I forgot to mention: seconds prior rebooting NH-D15 second fan (the one above memories) starts a strange behavior (coil whine) which does not happen in any cpu stress test. Both fans are set at turbo mode so it's not a change of rotation and there is no coil whine whatsoever. I know 5900X is a more power hungry than my old 1800X, but 750W it's plenty enough for a stock system.


Cinebench basically stresses your GPU and Blender does the same. Try Prime95. That's a solid CPU stresser. If it crashes then there might be some problem with the CPU. If not, the RAM is faulty. i have seen several issues where 5900X crashes because of faulty RAM or slower bus speed.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GTX 1650 MB: B450 Mortar Max

I'm gonna test ram over night. I think it must be some lack of settings that could improve stability through bios (it's an old B450 board). I'm on the fence if I should buy a X570.




Johnnvenglish, 750W is more than enough. Red Devil 6900XT stock gaming max peak power is something around 360W, 5900X is also stock so the whole system is at 600 ~ 650W tops. There is no need for 1200W power supply.


Please read what I've said clearly:

I'm not sure about the brand you picked but if it was a ASUS RoG card (...)

If it were an RoG card I guarantee you that 750Watt is super way below, I couldn't even get a stable system with a Strix RX480 on a 550Watt which was the recommended for me.

The symptoms you described, reboot/crash after just a few minutes is more consistent with PSU than memory, you can still try and should troubleshoot memory but I believe it would last longer inside the game, like 20min or even a full hour. 

Guru3d stated, 800Watt for a Powercolor 6900XT


And if you still had doubts, have a look on reddit.


And to wrap up, here is the Official page for your card but hey, I just came here to help.



The Englishman

It is a known AMD zen3 design flaw issue. 

Disable PBO or return it (RMA)

Take a look:

Ryzen 5000 Crashes (WHEA Errors) will get a "Silen... - AMD Community


Appreciate that, friend.

Already did that. Actually, I went even further: PBO/CPB disable, ram at 2400, TPM disable still getting kp 41.

AMD support is trying to help, but so far nothing they told me is working. As I stated earlier I don't think it's power supply because I only changed cpu and cooler. Just in case I'm ordering a new power supply but I'm pretty sure I will only spend money for no reason.


*** Updating ***

RMA has been approved. Hoping I get a good processor this time.

Thanks all the help and answers in this thread.

Not for nothing there was an issue with earlier BIOS versions of the AGESA (or something) thingy that were making this exact thing happen.

Went completely unacknowledged by AMD, but magically got fixed after all the MB MFCTs suddenly released a slurry of BIOS updates.


PSUs can have diverse problems with high end GPUs, read all about it:
Especially: [1] Units experiencing tripping issues with high transient power draw GPUs like AMD Vega, 6900 XT and nVidia RTX3080 / 3080 Ti / 3090.


Do a memtest86 from a USB pen. But be generous and do lots of passes, not just 2h.

For me, I had memory issues with my corsair modules using XMP, I had to undervolt (I know, weird, I tried overvolt).

It would only happen in games and it was not that frequent. Stress tests and heavy rendering wouldn't make it crash.

But to be honest, 750Watts is the recommended PSU for the RoG Strix 6800 OC plus a Ryzen 7 and that's two tiers bellow the 6900XT, which is not enough.

I'm not sure about the brand you picked but if it was a ASUS RoG card you would be needing somewhere ..



The Englishman