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Journeyman III

5900X cause Freeze lock


My 2 year+ setup have began to completely freeze some week ago

During the course of one week it have gone from one freeze a day to less than 10 minute after boot.

the freeze Only happen after the bios post, when trying to load the OS or bootable usb, it an freeze right at the loading (most of the time) to fully loaded OS (about 10 minute max)

During the month i have troubleshotted every part of my setup, in every why i could , mostly trying them one by one in an another setup. the motherboard CMOS have been clear at each test.

It happen that the culprit was my 5900X, causing the same freeze in other setup , while a borrowed 5800x was working fine on my stuff.

I wonder what happen to my CPU to die(?) this way at only 2 year , it was running at default setting, no very intense workload (data conversion, high volume transfert and basic gaming).

Anyone have an idea about that , the cpu is really dead?

At this point i'm just more curious than hoping a for something. i am already wondering if i should go for a 5800x3d or go AM5.


MBD:MSI meg unify x570
CPU : Ryzen 5900x
Cooler:Aio ARTIC freeze 2
Ram: 32gb trident néo gskill
GPU :Amd 6950x / 1080ti aorus
Ssd: Samsung 980pro or crucial p5
PSU: seasonic 1000w prime ultra
Windows 10


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Journeyman III

I have been experiencing basically the same thing. My original 5900x bought ~3 years ago was RMA'd immediately due to the WHEA error reboots that many others have experienced. The replacement worked fine up until 4-5 months ago when I started getting freezes like you have been dealing with and no troubleshooting steps uncovered anything. I have submitted an RMA but doubt it will be accepted despite the replacement technically being within warranty so I hope we can both get a resolution to this.

Journeyman III

Same has been happening to me since about April '23. then things got worse in June, and really bad now. I've got a thread going right now if you're interested to review it and determine any similarities. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on, and I've replaced MB and PSU with no resolution, so far.