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Journeyman III

5800x3d Stutter


Have been trying to figure out why my games have micro stutters sometimes. For example PUBG I get stutters every time I go through the map and start moving the mouse. CS GO stutters every 5 seconds when moving around. Warzone 2 is my main game it is where I started thinking something is wrong with my set-up, since the game can run smoothly for some time and get an occasional stutter.

On the other hand, apex does not have stutters, maybe only tiny ones. MW2 multiplayer gets a flat line in frame time when fps is capped. Cyberpunk and Forza Horizon also fine.

My PC:


MSI 4080 gaming trio

ram 16 gb 3600

psu: corsair rm750x

monitor is a g5 with 165hz 1440p

Anyone please help! Thanks in advance

PS: I recently updated the GPU and CPU, on my previous 5800x + 3070 set up I do not recall noticing any stutters in PUBG or CS GO


what I have tried since:
* Reinstall windows 10 from usb
* Install windows 11
* DDU Nvidia drivers
* ftpm off in bios
* Undervolt gpu
* undervolt cpu
* rechecked GPU connections
* disabled any possible overlay in windows
* removed/edited page file in windows
* remove affinity from CPU 0 in the task manager

need to try:
*disable smt in bios

Video example:

Capframex graph from cs go

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 13.21.02.png

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Adept I

Have u tried SMT on vs off yet ??



What motherboard? What BIOS is flashed onto that motherboard?

Do you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from

Are  you running separate power cables from your PSU to each power input on your GPU?

What cooler are you running on your CPU? How is  your airflow through your case? (Have to keep your VRM's and RAM cool too)

ThreeDee PC specs