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Journeyman III

5800x3d Stutter


Have been trying to figure out why my games have micro stutters sometimes. For example PUBG I get stutters every time I go through the map and start moving the mouse. CS GO stutters every 5 seconds when moving around. Warzone 2 is my main game it is where I started thinking something is wrong with my set-up, since the game can run smoothly for some time and get an occasional stutter.

On the other hand, apex does not have stutters, maybe only tiny ones. MW2 multiplayer gets a flat line in frame time when fps is capped. Cyberpunk and Forza Horizon also fine.

My PC:


MSI 4080 gaming trio

ram 16 gb 3600

psu: corsair rm750x

monitor is a g5 with 165hz 1440p

Anyone please help! Thanks in advance

PS: I recently updated the GPU and CPU, on my previous 5800x + 3070 set up I do not recall noticing any stutters in PUBG or CS GO


what I have tried since:
* Reinstall windows 10 from usb
* Install windows 11
* DDU Nvidia drivers
* ftpm off in bios
* Undervolt gpu
* undervolt cpu
* rechecked GPU connections
* disabled any possible overlay in windows
* removed/edited page file in windows
* remove affinity from CPU 0 in the task manager

need to try:
*disable smt in bios

Video example:

Capframex graph from cs go

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 13.21.02.png

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