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Journeyman III

5800x pbo help

I wanna boost my 5800x to 5ghz but pbo on the bios is kinda overwhelming me just wondered if anyone had a base line to work with or some tips to get what I would like to achieve 

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AMD PBO is AMD's way of safely overclocking your CPU processor. It is done automatically.  The Processor will overclock when it is needed to give the extra boost when a program demands it.

From PCGAMER TEch site:

Does PBO overclock?

PBO is an automatic overclocking scheme that pushes the power budget of the chip for a boost to performance. It's been the preferred way of getting a bit more performance out of AMD's chips for the last couple of generations, and the fact it's not available here is somewhat surprising.Apr 14, 2022

If you want to overclock your Processor to 5Ghz make sure you have a CPU Cooler that can keep your processor from overheating.


Adept II

PBO 1 and PBO 2 have issues in later BIOS versions due to a bug that will not allow EDC values as high as older BIOS versions. So, unless you are using an older BIOS, many of the overclocking guides for 5000-series CPU are not going to work out for you very well.