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Journeyman III

5800x missing cores in BIOS areas

Hi all

Got some strange behaviour on my system and wondered if anyone else has seen this...


MSI MPG B550 Gaming Carbon, Bios E7C90AMS.152 AGESA

When trying to use Cure Optimizer the settings appear in 2 different places in the BIOS...

Settings\Advanced\AMD Overclocking\AMD Overclocking\Precision Boost Overdrive\Curve Optimizer


Overclocking\Advanced CPU Configuration\AMD Overclocking\Curve Optimizer

Now in the first area in the MSI Click Bios cores 0-7  are present but in the second are only cores 0-5 are present. I've raised this with MSI who have tested a 5800x in the same board on the same bios and don't have this discrepancy.

Curve optimizer performance is strange as well, I can run a heavy all core bench like Cinebench on a loop for 10 mins with all core negative offset and it's fine but it will then blue screen with WHEA uncorrectable errors when light browsing, gaming etc.

All cores are seen by Windows but the cores section in Ryzen Master is completely blank like it can't read them. 

Does it sound like I may have a faulty CPU?

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No, it sounds like the BIOS, which is listed as beta, still has bugs to work out that they won't admit.