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Adept II

5800x high temps.. wtf?

hi guys

my 5800x stays on 90c when playing games on default bios settings (only xmp enabled for 3200mhz) i've tried both bios verions (v14 & v15) with no difference, my motherboard is a msi x570 tomahawk wifi and the AIO i'm using is a corsair hydro h100i v2 (240mm) i upgraded from the 2700x and not had any temp problems with it, ever, until now with this 5800x..

Surely this isn't normal? all my other processors i've had have been simply drop in the board, boot up and game with good temps and not have to do any undervolting im seeing a lot of, i have no idea what to do when undervolting so ive had to turn pbo and core boost off so im locked to 3.8 base clock and losing performance, could someone please help me undervolt the 5800x so i have better temps without losing performance, i think these 5000 series ryzens are crap and now i wish i would have gone with the i9 10900k..

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Re: 5800x high temps.. wtf?

Set it to constant 4.35GHz@1.181V in BIOS manually, disable all boost-related features and hyperthreading. Test for temperatures. 

If it's still 90°C - then daym, son, check your cool. Maybe get an air cooler just to be sure. 

If it got cooler - then your mobo auto boost features are junk. Use manual overclock. 

I run a 5800X myself and it's set to 4.35@1.181 which is more than enough for anything, unless you want to impress the Internets with your benchmarking. Alternatively, use Clocktuner for Ryzen (CTR) 2.0 for per-core configuration - it supports 5000 series since last week. I'd use it myself but what I have is already enough and in excess. Maybe in half a decade when it starts bottlenecking. 

Adept II

Re: 5800x high temps.. **bleep**?

I ended up getting a Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 AIO a bit back and since then my temps have been perfect with PBO and Core Boost on, so it turned out to be my aging Corsair Hydro H100i V2 AIO that was the problem it certainly wasn't up to the task anymore, it boosts upto 4.8ghz with temps in the 70c's which is great!

Adept III

Re: 5800x high temps.. **bleep**?

water cooling aio is the best choice for ryzen 5000.......... air cooler hit limit asap when loading.......... if want to cool it edit the bios via guide here