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Journeyman III

5800x high temps - low voltage

So I recently baught a 5800x with a x570 mag tomahawk wifi MB and Paired it up with a h100i Capellix cooler. Latest bios flashed and chipset drivers, aswell as balanced mode in Windows with latest windows drivers aswell. Ran some tests and noticed some pretty insane temps at only 1.24V at 4.35ghz all core R23 test with PBO and everything at stock bios settings except for a XMP profile. Hitting up towards 90C and scoring a low 14500-ish MC at R23 10 min.
Case is a corsair 4000d with a total of 4 120MM fans cooling the system. AIO pump at 2300 rpm and radiator fans at 2300rpm. The cooling should be the least of my problems, but i do indeed see some pretty insane temps regardless.

Proceeded to undervolt my cpu to 1.225 with all cores at 4.65ghz and noticed the temps was about 15 degrees lower than stock with PBO on and absolutely destroying my stock PBO cinabench scores by over 1000...

Could this be a case of a faulty AIO, a poor mounting job, bad motherboard bios? The cpu itself seems more than fine since it’s capable of the 4.65ghz at only 1.25v doing around 15500 MC r23 score. 

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Adept II

It’s more then likely a bad mounted cooler or aio issue. Those temp make no sense with that kinda cooler. Undervolting is never a good first option if your goal is just to lower temps. 

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Adept II

Remount the cooler to the cpu