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Journeyman III

5800x high memory latency and random reboot

I have been using 5800x for about 2 weeks, encounterd some issues, new to amd, need some hands for troubleshooting.

Problem1: increased memory latency, 63ns for 3800c16, which used to be about 55ns.

Problem2: random reboot under light load

motherboard: asus tuf b550m wifi (bios 1212)

memorykit: gskill 3200 c14 2*16

cpu: 5800x 2020 44week

gpu: r5 230 (waiting for new)

psu: 750w platium

heatsink: d15s (max package temp 79, diode temp 90)

windows ver: 10 pro 20h2 with all latest patches

drivers: installed with armoury crate

aida64 ver: 6.30.5500

cpuz ver: 1.94.8 x64

settings: SVM enabled, asus performance enhance mode enabled, pbo auto, override 200mhz, fclk 1900, mclk 1900, timing 16-16-16-16-32

voltage: soc 1.1 ccd 1.05 iod 1.05 vddp 0.95

benchmark: R20 around 6010, cpuz single 675, multi 6700

stressresult: TM5 1usmusv3 9 cycles without error, p95 memory stress generates few whea-logger, 1or 2 per minutes