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Adept II

5700x too hot

Hello. i just bought this CPU and it's hotter than what i thought

compared to 2600 it's hotter by 12°C on average, using 2 encoding/editing softwares and cyberpunk 2077

it alswo bumps over 50°C on normal use like when i open a new window (browser or sudoku, or a video player) it went to 59°C just downloading windows updates

please don't tell me it's cooler problem. the cooler is ok. it's the same i was using with the 2600, and i mounted correctly (tested 2 times). Airflow is the same too

only difference is the cpu

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Volunteer Moderator

A CPU getting too hot is a relative issue.  You need consider the ambient (room) temperature, test it when no significant applications are running (just open to the Windows desktop) and under moderate load (running Windows updates counts for that).  Pushing a CPU or video card when gaming is the real test of your cooling configuration, and 59 C is not very hot for the CPU if we are talking about junction temperature (or whatever the CPU is reporting as it's core temperature).  Start to get worried when you push past 70 C and look into doing something different when you are reaching 80 C.  That's my opinion of course.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

leaving out for a moment max temps, i don't like at all this up and downs while just browsing or opening new windows like office/mail/system settings/ video player etc...

i can't go up to 55 if i'm at 43 just doing those operations. it's unstable. it can't be normal.  with the ryzen 2600 there was no such behaviour. it was stable, mybe 3-4 ° but no more...not 10-12

theinvoker, you should get, install and believe only Ryzen Master. The maximum temperature for your processor is specified by AMD at 90 C. They designed and know best.  If you do not like the ups and downs, I suggest you get a different processor. The speed, core voltage and many more parameters are controlled by the embedded SOC running code written by AMD who know best. You can contact AMD support here.

Enjoy, John.  

yes i can put my old ryzen 5 2600 but i need more speed for video encoding.

as i said i dont' care it's hot on high load, but i don't want it to stay at 65§ when i play league of legens, when the 2600 were 12/13° lower.

Thanks, theinvoker, probably not a lot you can do to lower the performance of the processor for some and applications and not others.  There are some things: Ryzen Master (RM) used to have a Game mode which disabled half the cores and there are other things to try with RM.  You could also run a different Power Plan for each, lowering the maximum processor speed for one and maxing others. Have fun, John.

Adept II

so is there a way to contact AMD support directly? i want to know if my CPU has a problem.

Temperatures goes up by 10° even doing nothing

53° just for browsing and jmpuing to almost 70 only for opening an app, etc etc

The AMD 5000 series have frequency clock spikes even doing trivial low usage tasks. If you are bothered by this like I am, you can limit boost in the Windows power plan (set max cpu usage to 99%) and remove the limit when doing CPU intensive tasks.

One more thing to check is that PBO is disabled (NOT Auto)  in BIOS. PBO is an auto overclock mechanism and most motherboards have it set to auto by default. Just disable it.

Also since this is quite a powerful CPU, the cooler has to be adequate. The real power draw can be much higher than the specified TDP.

Wow you're an idi*t. You do realize that 5700x has 2 extra cores compared to 2600. Right? Hence more power and heat. Stop ocd'ing the temps, they're fine, if it goes above 90c then you start worrying. 


Download a monitoring tool like HWinfo and see what your voltages are running.  My guess is your mobo might be defaulting to a higher voltage. I've had several Ryzen motherboards that like to default to giving the cpu 1.4 volts for no good reason. This causes the cpu to run hot

i'm not good to understand voltage. what do you need to see? i can make screenshots for you

Journeyman III

Don't worry about it, the 5700X is supposed to be like that by design. I was freaked out initially coming from a 5600G. I replaced the Wraith Stealth cooler with a better cooler (snowman MT-4) and now I'm happy with my temps.

Journeyman III

This is nothing bro My Ryzen 7 5700x is at 70 degree C when it start on ideal and gets upto 90 degrees when in stress and when i try to open any normal window in browser it hits 80 85