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Journeyman III

5700g keeps crashing

Hi everyone, I have a newly built system with a 5700g, Asus b550m Tuf Gaming board, 16Gb 3600Mhz Crucial Ballistix RAM Dual Channel, 600W Seasonic Focus power supply, Hyper 212 cooler, 2TB HDD Seagate Hard Drive with Windows 10 installed on my NVME SN550 SSD. I keep getting crashes at the log in screen, and only on the log in screen, where my screen has a tint of blue for a few seconds, and then the screen goes black, if I wait long enough I can see my mouse, maybe if I'm lucky I'll get a look at the log in screen with artifacts on it, this only happens on the log in screen though, it happened once while in a game but never has it happened in the past 2 months while I am in a game, only on the log in screen, when I refresh my drivers by pressing Super+Ctrl+Shift+B nothing happens. Any reasons why this could be happening, how can I diagnose the issue? Is it a hardware issue? Do I have to return anything?

Any help would be appreciated

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