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Adept I

5600x WHEA Error


I have a question. My PC is always crashing while gaming with this Errorcode: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR
I've already tried many things, but nothing worked. Now i found this under the Eventviewer:
Fatal hardware error.

Reported by Component: Processor Core
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: Bus/Interconnect Error
Processor APIC ID: 0

The detailed view of this entry contains further information.
The ID from this Error is 18.

And this one:

Fatal hardware error.

Component: memory
Error Source: Machine Check Exception

The detailed view of this entry contains further information.
The ID from this Error is 46.


Does it mean now, that my memory and my CPU is broken?

*sry for my bad english

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You will need to share your system details if you want someone to help. Your cpu/memory etc etc will help someone potential answer your question

Share if you are OC'ing it etc etc

Ryzen 5 5600X
AMD Radeon RX 6600 8G
ASUS Prime B550-Plus
Aegis G Skill 16GB 3200mhz (I already sent it away to change it, bc it said it was broken too)
No, its not overclocked.



To be honest that sounds pretty bad to me in the case that you are neither overclocking, nor have you done your latest BIOS updates before installing the processor?

Furthermore, it might be something like a bent pin on the CPU which might be causing communication errors with a core, memory-controller. In addition, it might even be the motherboard that is faulty, you might try testing the motherboard with an older compatibly CPU if you have one.

Kind regards

Yes, the Bios is up to date. I didnt see any bend pin. 


Then it might be that a more compatible BIOS should be developed or it might be that some of those CPU's were faulty during manufacturing.

I would contact AMD Technical Support to find out if the CPU should be returned.


Check that everything is installed correctly.
Update motherboard BIOS
Install chipset drivers.
Run a 3rd party program overnight to test your memory eg. Testmem5 with the extreme1anta777 config and see if it reports any errors.
What are your CPU and (RAM, If ur kit has sensors) temperatures when the crash happens?
Run a hardware monitoring logging tool in the background while gaming and send the file here.


Adept I

Yep pretty much I have the same issue as you and mine is repeatable I ran cinebench R23 , 20, confirmed crash on single core and  takes longer to crash on multi core. I swapped my 5950x with a 3900x and that didn't crash my system , I placed the 5950x in the 3900 system and it also crashed with the same APIC ID 0 . Processor is defective I am figuring it out on how to send it back purchased from newegg Canada and the 30 day return was up in mid April 2022 build the system been a week now spent the whole week just checking swapping components. First AMD processor that failed on me and I am owned a couple since the early 2000s.