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Journeyman III

5600x Temps and Voltage

hello i bought the 5600x recently and i see that my cpu on idle have 43-50 temps (monitoring from ryzen master) , with NH-U9B SE2 , i think that temps are a bit hit for an idle system

I also checked that the cpu voltage goes 1.350+  to max i have seen  1.44  with out any hard app running on it , and im thinking maby i can do something from Bios to regulate better the voltage , if the voltage goes down i think also the temps will go down a bit...
my motherboard is in the default settings, model : msi b450 tomahawk max 2 , and i wanna ask if it there any setting i can do  to drop the cpu from running this voltages when it is not need , i remember any motherboard have some power regulations settings to turn it ON , but honestly i dont remember how it is called  , i remember  C-State? and some other setting to drop clocks when no need it.

if anyone knows  what settings i can change in bios will be very helfull
im not talking to unvervolt the cpu with manual settings , this the last thing i want to do.

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Adept III

my 5800x can drop to 35'C idle... enable c-state only.....



You can drop the voltage using offset values if your board support it.

I had a drop from 40-45 to 39-43 on idle (24ºC room temp) 70-75 to 65-69 while rendering on DaVinci Resolve. (Ryzen 2700X with minus 0.1v offset) It even boosts higher now with PBO. So Win-Win.


have a look here:

The Englishman