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Adept I

5600X getting too high power draw and results on results on Cinebench?

Hello all, any help is welcome!

Just finished assembliing this, my first PC in about 15 years, MSI PROVDH B550m, 32 ram 4x8 3200-16, nothing fancy.  Got playing around some with PBO and curve optimizer, wel turns out im getting an all core 4.6G sustained, score of 11600 Cinebench 23, and a power draw of 120W according to HWInfo, have also an RX 6700 XT which i did tune some.  Did not expect this to get so good?  Could this be detrimental to the system?  Temps seem fine across the board, but for a 65W CPU?

Maybe overreacting but any help is welcome

Thank you

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Big Boss

Mardio, please use only Ryzen Master and post screenshots when you have questions/problems. Thanks and enjoy, John.



Hello, and thanks again


Adept II

The 65W is the TDP.  TDP is short for "thermal dissipation power" and is the guideline for how much cooling is needed to keep the CPU within the maximum temperature range.  It does not directly reflect the actual power usage and shouldn't be taken as such.


As for whether your results are detrimental or not, basically no.  It probably wouldn't be great for the lifetime of the CPU to run it that high or that hot all the time, but it's unlikely anything will actually do so.  Games can't even come close.  You'd have to be doing something like encoding all the time or folding or something.  (Or if you're completely insane, something like mining.  But mining on a CPU will yield significantly lower results than even a low hash rate GPU per watt used so I can't imagine why you'd ever want to do that.)  Assuming you use the CPU in a semi normal way for a remotely normal period of time I'd say your results are good.

Thank you, just for games and watching videos