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Journeyman III

5600g no output, cpu red light on motherboarx



R5 5600g 

B450 Aorus elite v2 

rtx 2060 sc black

crucial p3 nvme 500gb

3600mhz ddr4 2x8gb klevv volt ram

4 argb fans

Building first PC. Thoroughly looked at guides, confident, careful. Ryzen 5600g came today. Made sure every single connection on motherboard was in the correct slot and not bending any pins.


System worked perfectly for 30 mins after downloading Windows and updating windows settings, turning on xmp slot for ram. After this short period screen went black, pc turnt off and on. Then mobo (with bios version f63 pre installed) showed a constant red light for cpu in bottom right of board. I restarted pc, by turning off psu, then turned it on again, fans worked and lit up but CPU red led stayed on. Troubleshooted trying to isolate the issue, refitted the cpu, let the cpu cool down for hour, tried using one ram stick to boot each time, removed gpu, all didn't work. Cant use another system to check every component as I dont have another.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, or should I get new CPU from amd, it's faulty.

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