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Journeyman III

4650g graphical artifacts with xmp on


I build a new PC based on 4650g couple of month ago and I have a problem since then. When I trying to use XMP profile - GPU starts glitching and freezing. I first thought, thats cause of defect memory, so I changed from Corsair to HyperX - and it works even worse - PC completely freezes on Windows loading screen with graphical glitches and even in BIOS. It works more or less stable on 3000MHz and auto settings (so it makes 22 timings, instead of 16 on XMP). Is it because of defect GPU core in 4650g or something wrong with motherboard's BIOS?

CPU: Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G

MB: Asus Prime B550M-A

Memory: Kingston HyperX Predator [HX432C16PB3K2/16] 16 Gb  (was Corsair Vengeance LPX [CMK16GX4M2B3200C16] 16 Gb)

HDs: Samsung 970 Evo 250 Gb + HGST 1 TB HDD 

CPU/Memory are in QVL list.

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Journeyman III

I have this problem with this processor and ram on msi motherboard

I know why it does that it's because the memory of the integrated GPU goes to 2100MHz max and this memory is the RAM it's the integrated processor that does this with a graphics card you can deactivate the integrated GPU and activate the A-XMP no problem