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Journeyman III

4500U Usage reported differently

I recently bought a HP Probook and was curious about how hot the system was running. I wasn't able to get a temp reading from HWmonitor so I downloaded the Radeon Adrenalin software to see if I could get a temperature from there. I was able to get a temp reading but i noticed that the CPU usage percentage was different from what Windows was reporting as the usage percentage. I don't think its combined from the GPU and CPU reading because both windows and the Radeon software have those separated. Any idea's on what the issue is? I'm having zero problems and the processor is running great but I was just curious. Thanks

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Re: 4500U Usage reported differently

It's just due to how the software rounds internally and the update frequency. Take this screenshot for example. Task Manager shows 2% usage, but HWMon shows 0% overall despite three cores showing 1%, 3%, and 5% usage. HWMon rounds it to 0%, Task Manager rounds to 2%.