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Journeyman III

45 degree Celsius Safe Temperature for Ryzen 3500x CPU(idle) ?

Is 45 degree Celsius safe for RYZEN 3500X at idle condition?

I am using the stock cooler.

Room temperature around 30 degree Celsius.

Please Note that, the CPU temperature never ever goes under 44 degree Celsius.

Also, I have a Gamdias Talos M1 Lite Casing with total of 6 fans (3 intake and 3 exhaust).

Also, using the Asrock B450M PRO-F motherboard and Thermaltake Lightpower 550W PSU along with the 

Corsair 8gb ram 3200mhz and a Zotac 1660 super GPU.

4 Replies

Yes, it's safe.

As long as your CPU is below 95C you are fine

Journeyman III

i spoke to to amd team its not safe i have the same issue.i am using ryzen 5 3600xt idle temp are like 46 to 51 degree Celsius.. i have checked everything I don't know what is the issue and full load it goes upto 82 degree... i dont know what is the issue i have done a rma once and now i am going for 2 rma..


Yes that temperature is absolutely safe and normal. You're max temp for that processor is 95 so even under load you are well bellow that. 

If you would like lower temps for about $35 bucks you could get a cooler master 212 evo and that would bring temps down at idle and under load about 8 - 10 degrees. 

There is nothing wrong with your temps though.