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Adept I

3950x Temps and undervolt

When I have my 3950x on default bios settings and just use high performance power plan I idle at 50c or so and constantly spike to 60c.

I went ahead and set all cores to 3.9ghz with a vcore of 1.05v and now I idle at 38-39c.

I've ran cinebench and stressed with cpuz and both cause the default clock to go to 70c

but won't go above 60c with the 3.9ghz clock 

I think my cooler is just slightly not good enough but idk

I'm not worried about my load temps just wanted to know what's ideal for idle.

So my question is shall I just chill with my 3.9ghz and change it when I get better cooling sorted out or go a bit harder now.

Ryzen Master never really works for me, always crashes on launch even with the chipset being reinstalled and all that

but i'll add screen shots when it works

Sorry this message is a mess to read lol.


bios 2408

(2606 came out as I'm writing this so will try that to)




Idle @3.9Ghz 1.05v

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Adept II


I too have the same processor and I believe your findings to be true. I haven't manually inputted the clock and voltages though. I've simply chosen to go for a 0.1v offset that has helped me boost to 4.1Ghz all core at a max temperature of 63C. Idle temps are also significantly lower(42-51C with a room temp of 27C). I've run several benchmarks and undervolting always, significantly has gains until it comes to single core tests where it seems to falter. I've also noticed that setting an offset has now rendered my processor to not be able to boost above 4570Mhz. So I guess that's a drawback but all in all, it's running cooler and quieter with slightly more "real" world performance. 

Those are my two cents. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply, I made that change and my max temp i've seen on cpuz and cinebench is 70c which i'm guessing is pretty reasonable for full load??  (cpuz for a good 20mins)

cinebench still only got to 3.9ghz all core while cpuz got all cores to 4.1ghz like you said.

My idle temps go down to 45c then back up to 54c then down again, is this ok?

thanks for your help


forgot to say only goes to 60c on cinebench then 70 on cpuz


Hey again!

Those temps looks fine to me! You could get better results with a slightly better AIO but they looks completely fine. Idle temps will continue to fluctuate between 8-10C while idling, that's normal. Cinebench on 60C with CPUz on 70C is completely normal from my testing! 

Tip - If you don't want to change your AIO then I suggest upgrading the thermal paste to a high performance one. It helps significantly!


Thanks for your help


Your temps are fine. Zen2 does jump around quickly in temp. It very efficiently manages itself. Pretty much every tech site has pointed out that while you can manually oc Zen2 you should not. Letting the cpu manage its own boost is best and in most workloads or gaming will be better than an all core clock or OC of any given core. 

For optimal performance you should be able to set PBO and XMP on and that is about as good as you will get.

The stock coolers are IMHO pretty weak and aftermarket coolers will be better. I use a 212 evo on my 3700x and never go above 73 under 100% load. 

Thanks you

You are very welcome. Between the stock coolers being lack luster and the architecture being very different in how temps jump around this stuff can defy logic.