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Adept I

3950x not hitting advertised boost clocks

Its been like this since I bought it but this weekend I decided to do more testing.
Running Cinebench single core Ryzen Master reports a sustained max single-core clock of 4.375GHz, HWInfo reports that the core briefly hit 4.575Ghz, both well below the advertised 4.7GHz.
Also, I watched a Jay Two Cents video on the new XT chips and under the same test you could see his chip was running a single core sustained at 4.7GHz not just hitting it for a fraction of a second.

YouTube  The video for reference.

All core clocks are around 3.95Ghz again seems low for the chip, and if I load more than one core all the cores run at the same speed of around 4Ghz.

Any idea how I can get the advertised speed from the chip? what's the point of the single-core boost if its never used for more than a fraction of a second? and should the chip sustain 4.7Ghz advertised speeds when loading one core as Jays chip seems to?

I have tried everything I can in the Bios, I have also tried all of the available power plans in Windows.

The Motherboard is an Asrock X570 Taichi and the chip is cooled via a Noctua NH-U12A, temps never go above 80 under full load and loading a single core in Cinebench I don't see the temps go much above 60.

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