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Journeyman III

3950x build want Gskill Royal 64gb(4x16) 3600 but need opinions

I'm wanting the 4x16 B-die kit but it's looking like it's going to be discontinued as I've seen from a few different sites.  What I'm wondering is my chances at getting a decent overclock out of the  looser timed cas16 hynix based moduals, or two 2x16 b-die kits? 

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hello braidster,

using 4 sticks with Ryzen CPU is not so easy, over clocking 4 sticks with Ryzen takes much time with no warranties of success.

First off all, try to find single side DRAM sticks for better chance of success.

In my case, 3950X, MEG X570 Godlike, 4 sticks GSKILL DDR3600 CAS 16-16-16 (2 kits of F4-3600C16D-32GTZN Trident Z - double sided components), just to reach nominal 3600MHz on the 4 sticks, I waited about 5 months and the latest bios with AGESA

For me the best tries on overclocking DRAM has been done with only 2 sticks.

Good luck

Thank you very much for the feedback, and my fallback was to try what you're doing.  With the unavailability of the 4x16 16-16-16 Royal Silver kit I have been thinking of going with 2 x (2x16) of the same.  The fact I can get the same timed B-Die kit for a cheaper price in the Neo, amd Royal Gold is telling me maybe cosmetics are taking priority over extra performance.  Do you think choosing a 3200 kit should be an option?  Overall I'm looking to be at least able to run xmp, tighten the times up a little, and maybe push the infinite fabric for now.  Oh I'm looking at running this on an Asus CH Hero 8.  Almost thinking I grab the 16-19-19 kit and call it a day.


2 kits of 3600 16-16-16 Royal Silver are the same of 1 kit of 4 sticks, just in the last GSKILL have tested them together.

For 3200 kit 16-19-19, if you up them, I don't think you can stay with 16-19-19 but more 19-22-22 at 3600.

Sometimes lower freq with very low CAS do the same than high freq with high CAS.

On GamersNexus you can see a good test with Ryzen and memories freq vs CAS.

3200 CAS 14 is just one finger lower than 3600 CAS 16 most of the time.


I was told in another forum that two kits are more then likely not going to work well together, even if they werw B-Die kits.

The 16-19-19 kit is also 3600 just the step down with the sk hynix chips.  The cas14 Silver kit is $829 compared to $610 for the Gold so very outta the question. 

With what's been said which kit Silver set would I "most likely" have the best performance?

- 4x16 3600 16-19-19 Non b-die

- 2(2x16) 3600 16-16-16 b-die

The easiest solution would be to just go with the Neo, but having a hard time keeping the bling from doing shows in my brain.