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3900x upgrade from 6600k

Upgraded from an i5 6600k to the 3900x but the performance in Studio One and Pro Tools is horrible. Searching online reveals users are generally happy with this CPU for audio production, not sure why projects I created on the 6600k are completely stalling out on the 3900x at the highest buffer settings whereas the 6600 would only struggle at low and medium buffer settings. Tried overclocking using the automated settings in Ryzen Master with no luck. I would like to try and get stable performance out of the Ryzen but my return date is approaching and I may go towards a 9900k build.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


WD SN750 m.2

ASRock x570 Pro 4

16gb 3200 Ballistix 

Rx 580

Win10 latest build

Studio One 4 latest version

UAD Apollo x4 

AA Discrete 8

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by any chance, when you are running Studio 4, In Ryzen Master are there any RED indicators at the top?

If there are, that means the processor is probably throttling which would impact your performance.

Check the Processor's temps when under heavy loads.

EDIT: Went to Studio 4 website and it has a Answer & Question on how to prevent high CPU Usage and Optimize Windows 10 for Audio: Managing CPU usage in Studio One and overcoming high CPU problems on your system. – Knowledge Base |... 

Mentions how to increase Performance by the CPU.

If you already read this in the past, I apologize then.


I can't seem to upload videos here but Ryzen Master has all green meters when running Studio One, Pro Tools or FL Studio although each of those programs have their cpu meters full when running medium small sessions. Even minuscule test projects with 2 virtual instruments has software cpu meters jumping from 7-22%. With my old i5 you couldn't see any cpu usage at all until you began adding multiple Instruments and effects, even then I could work for a while without having to reconfigure the buffer settings. I would assume the aforementioned software are simply not compatible but it seems users are using this particular CPU with those programs to great success.