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Journeyman III

3900x Only Boosting to 4.1GHz

Running Aida64 and Cinebench, I'm only getting up to around 4.1GHz max speed. Temps aren't an issue either. I've manually all core overclocked it to 4.325 GHz @ 1.275v, but can't get it to go any higher than 4.1 GHz with default and with PBO enabled. 

Anything I need to specifically do to get the advertised 4.6 boost?

Any system information needed to help with this issue?

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If it's not fast enough you can wait for Ryzen 4000 desktop processors to surface

that or break out the liquid nitrogen


I just placed a 3900X on my Asrock B350 Pro4 with Klevv Bolt 2x16GB 3200Mhz memory. I have made custom power plan and I am getting:3900XHWMon.pngcinebench3900X.png

I set everything at stock settings but made this on my power plan options:3900X powerplan.png

This setting also allows my system to sleep and wake properly. I learned this through having a 1700, 1700X, 2700 and 3700X prior to the 3900X. I sold of the 1700 as the single core is slow to regenerate my cad drawing past 20 sheets. The1700X and 2700 passed on to my kids, and 3700X to my work backup pc.The 3700X is a bit constricted due to a 3000 Mhz memory modules.

Each processor behave differently on the minimum processor state which I assume base on frequency and multipliers. I also tried to understand the AMD Ryzen Power Plans as sometimes it won't allow the system to sleep.

My all core boost starts off with 4100+ but settles just below it

HWMon in KeyShot9.png

Having a higher tier motherboard may provide a  higher all core boost. I am using a BeQuiet Pure Rock 150W cooler, maybe a beefier model will provide a higher boost.



The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is still a good CPU cooler and it can have 2 fans on it for extra air flow. 

RGB versions are now available for the vanity market.

Adept II


The Ryzen 3000 series has an unorthodox way of advertising their boost speeds. They claim that the processor boosts upto 4.6Ghz which is true, but what they fail to mention is that it does it on ONE or TWO cores at a given moment where moment meaning milliseconds when the processor is idling.

[in image 1 posted by jigsaw] you can see under the "Maximum" tab that the first two cores hit 4659Mhz. If you keep monitoring while idling for some time, I'm sure you'll see most if not all the cores hit 4.6Ghz.

The issue for the processor not being able to clock itself higher are the temperatures(i think). If you try and undervolt the processor, you'll see the processor automatically boost higher due to lower temperatures. 

Hope this information helps. 


According to AMD 4.6 boost refers to single cores under specific workloads.  I've never seen 4.6 under any application reported on the internet in any benchmarks. Your complaint is quite common. 4.1 seems normal for cinebench when I look at those benchmarks. I think cinebench syncs all cores to speed of your slowest core. I would say your operating normally and obviously the silicon lottery is likely to move things up or down a bit. If you are really concerned I would talk to AMD support: