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Journeyman III

3900x monitoring issue

Hi everyone, I have this processor since 1 month only, the only "strange thing" I made into it was to activate Asus's bios performance mode and maybe this thing happen until then (currently deactivated and again in normal mode but still broken).

My cpu shows a base clock speed of 4Ghz everywhere and real time monitoring just doesn't work.

Also the cpu specification now is AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 4ghz instead of 3.8 it was at the beginning

I have power balance in AMD balanced

my specs: 

asus tuf gaming X570-plus (wifi) 

SMBIOS version: 3.2 (04/01/2020)

Windows 10 pro

This is how my pc shows the current core speed (the BIOS shows a real time 4GHz too)




the ONLY way to truly know the clock speed is with Ryzen master. 


I'm a little bit lost, works fine but I just cant monitoring anything and this change on the general specification of the cpu makes me worry about it I mean, it's brand new .


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Journeyman III

4 days later, I just post my question here and minutes later found the solution, I will keep this post here in case could be helpful for someone. (sorry about my english)

Just restore default settings on bios and works normal, when you put the Asus x570 in that optimal mode it makes changes and a little overclock that doesn't work very well, when you deactivate that mode some of the changes keep changing for some reason.