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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

3900X micro stuttering and general bugginess

Hello everyone. I recently picked up a 3900X for my rig. After installing and firing it up I noticed crazy high voltages, close to 1.5V and big temp spikes at idle (about 10 degree spikes every about 5  to 10 seconds). Although Voltage was dropping to 1.256V under load, I was not happy. So I tried locking the Vcore at 1.3V  and the highest stable all core frequency I achieved was 4.3 GHz through Ryzen Master. Temp spikes went away, but I immediately noticed that my games were stuttering and dropping frames, even though 4.3 GHz is higher than the stock boost, which was about 4.25.    (I'm using an RX580 @ 1440p but its pushing around 120 avg fps @ All low in Battlefield 1, in which the stuttering is more apparent.)
But when I clear CMOS and everything goes back to stock, the stuttering goes away.
I also tried dropping the clocks to 4.25 and even 4.2 @ 1.3V but the stuttering persisted.
Is there any solution, or to avoid stuttering I need to operate at stock? Because I really dont like the spikes and 1.5V pumped through my CPU, even at idle. I also want to note that even at 4.3, it passed Cinebench R20 and 23 looping for 5 minutes and 10 minutes respectively with no issues.

(As for RAM, I'm using 16 gb of G Skill Trident Z 3600 CL14 GTZNB kit on my MSI B450A PRO. I have downclocked my ram to 3466 which is the max my mobo supports and set the FCLK at 1:1, and a Dark Rock Pro 4 for cooling with plenty of MX4 paste)

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