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Journeyman III

3900x fps fluctuating

Hi, So my problem is that during cpu intensive game my fps will fluctuate rapidly or stutter. My temps are always between 55c and 70c, and my power consumption and voltage never vary from the normal. At first I thought I thought it was just my gpu (6800xt) but I noticed when I attempted to run Battlefield 2042 I would turn on the perfover.drawfps to see the Information and my cpu fps would linger around 60 to 70 before plummeting to like 20 for 1 to 2 seconds and it would happen consistently every 10 seconds at most.


Gpu- ASRock Taichi 6800xt

Cpu- obviously ryzen 3900x

Motherboard- Gigabyte X570 gaming X

Ram- GSkill Trident Z 32gb 3600mhz 

Windows 10 

I can provide whatever information necessary.

----Things I have tried---

-Free install of Windows 10

-Lowered all settings to the minimum in game and lowered resolution still no change

-Disabled startup programs not belonging to windows

-Turned off overlays 

-Turned off gamebar

-Xmp enabled

-Virus scanned for malware, none found

-Set my power performance to both High performance and Balanced neither worked

I have done more I just can't seem to remember them any suggestions that I have done I will say so.

This issue occurs with some games but not others examples being Battlefield 2042, Gears 5, Elden Ring,  and I believe Arma 3 just to list some.

Any help is appreciated, I am almost positive that it is my cpu just because the frames that I monitored from the gpu were consistently maxed at my refresh rate and never lowered.

Maybe I am just being dumb and it is a simple fix.

Thanks for any and all help.


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Running RX 6900 XT Power Color Demon.

I have found that a few DX 11 games almost all DX 9 games and all early access games suffer from a load of visual and audio issues.

Windows 10 and 11 are both notorious for pathetic driver support.

Unfortunately I have found no solution but to uninstall these problematic games and wait for the developers to get optimized for all PC hardware and software.

When I go to local files and check compatibility for these problematic games I get the incompatible program message.

I've tried running in window and windows 7 8 and Vist compatibility modes and same issue occurs.

Surprisingly MicroSoft Support admits it is having major problems keeping their OS optimized for gaming due to the overwhelming number of early access apps that come and go. They told me the sheer number of early access failures and legal issues surrounding the quick cash grab and dump developers is the biggest problem.   

Sorry I don't have a solution for you but if you send a list of the problematic games some community members may have found ways to fix the issues with some of these games.     


Try this.

Go into windows advanced display settings and find your refresh rate tab. Use it to select the max FPS your monitor will support at what resolution you run.

Then go into Adrenaline and enable Radeon Chill. Set minimum FPS to 60Hz and max FPS to the highest your monitor will support at the resolution you run.

If you still have trouble back off the max FPS till you find the level your GPU and monitor will run stable.

Also ensure your CPU Chipset drivers are updated (from and you have the latest .Net Framework update (non preview version) from windows update.


So I already had my bios up to date and CPU chipset drivers updated. I did try the radeon chill and backing the Hz down but I got all the way down to 60Hz and still no change. My system is also up to date for windows.


How wide is the FPS range fluctuating? Are we talking so low videos and games are freezing up and so high your GPU CPU and RAM start the bottleneck stutter?

Are is it within reason like 30Hz min to 240 max?


When I had the perfoverlay on Battlefield 2042 the gpu would sit at a consistent 165, whereas my cpu would sit at 60-70 before drops down to roughly 20 or less then going back up to 60-70 range for a tiny bit. Any game that acts up like that seems to always be the same. I either have constant perfect fps or the stutters like that on games I play.


I get the same thing.

CPU Ryzen 7 2700x MSI X370 M7 ACK MOBO 32GB 4x8 RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum PC3200 Samsung 870 EVO V-NANO SATA 3 SSD 4TB and Power Color Demon RX 6900 XT PSU Thermaltake ToughPower 1200 watt 80+gold.

My GPU will average 120 to 180 FPS while my  CPU will report the same then randomly from time to time drop to 30 or 40FPS (CPU only not GPU).

Mostly happens on Ark Survival Evolved Knights of the Old Republic and Star Trek Online.

The micro stutters are normally short lived sometimes they can be a little more annoying.

I've found most of the time that by clearing out my Steam Game Update cache (I do this once a month or following any game update) followed by a PC restart it really helps. This forces the game platform to fix missing files. If verifying file integrity was working right then that process would fix the missing files.

For some reason for the last year every time I get any game update and verify game integrity I'm always getting missing files and the Steam Platform constantly fails to auto fix the issue. 

I've learned to just live with it for now and if the games get to problematic I just uninstall them and strangely see improved PC performance across the board. Don't know why but some PC games act like malware more than they do a game. These are double and triple A title games too not just early access kick starter type games.

I have a theory that a lot of these games are being used for data collection/mining since it is more common on MMO style games. The reason I think this is when I play these games with VPN on my bandwidth drops but game performance balances out. Turn VPN off and fluctuations in FPS that don't make sense start up immediately.