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Journeyman III

3900x crashing while watching videos

Hi, I am really happy with the 3900x though there is some problems, i have encountered, I haven't seen the question on your support website, So I have decided to let you guys know the problems i am having with this chip.

1: Whenever i have tried watching videos, through the web browser opera, i overheat to tjmax then shutdown everytime, I hope you guys are on your way to fixing but as i haven't seen i thought i should warn people just in case.

2:My tinpin 7 is wayy abnormally high, which is the reason, I think it keeps overheating while on opera, there must also be something to do with the code.

3: I never expected the 3k series to OC to 5ghz, thats unrealistic, however i think it should do better but i think that will come as soon as the bios matures.

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