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Journeyman III

3800x temps no o.c

hi guys, i want to limit my cpu if it's ok but i can't figure out the bios.

my setup is:

thermaltake c36

psu cm mwe 750w 90% gold

msi mpg x570 gaming plus 

corsair vengeance 3600 18 cl 2x8gb

ryzen 3800x

gtx 2070 super

m2 sata 970 evo (1st slot with ssd cooler)

2nd will come in the next day under the gpu (dunno if i should put a thermal pad on it, still searching)

front fans intake

intake 2x200mm thermal fans front 800rpm

top fans exhaust

1x120mm thermaltake fan 800-1500 rpm (no ideea)

1x140mm noctua nf14 3000rpm pwm fan (working just at 1200rpm so it doesn't suck the air from cpu,i never tested just thought)

rear exhaust

1x140mm noctua nf14 3000rpm pwm fan (working just at 1200rpm so it doesn't suck the air from cpu,i never tested just thought)

my problem is, i don't mind leaving the cpu in stock,but the temperature it's not so, i can't say bright but it might light the whole city. the CPU 1st powered on i enabled the gamerboost (all cores stood at 4.25ghz permanent) from msi bios and it reaches 106-110C and 206(on core temp,that's a bug i think) and i disabled it cause i was scared i might not handle it. now the cpu sits around 3.9-4.7ghz(sometimes) and temps are 50C idle to 87-89gaming.

is there any way to improve the temps without losing performance? i don't want to o.c it or gain perfomances,just cool it a bit,i kept an eye on the coolermaster liquid 360l and thinking of mounting on top and maybe it does something better.

i posted a ss with idle cpu

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It's that 1.4+ voltage generating all the heat, and there's no way to lower it without compromising some level of performance. The best solution in my opinion, and this is from my experience with my 3700X, is to manually overclock instead of letting the Turbo and PBO do it. You'll potentially lose a small amount of 1-2 core performance, but you'll also potentially gain a large amount of 3-8 core performance while potentially using much less voltage.


i've let everything on auto, kinda not want to mess up something on the long run.

i also see in hwinfo,there's no thermal throttling and puts me at peace that the cpu is safe..

also would like to know if the coolermaster ml360 will do anything better regards temperatures;and if it's good,where should i mount it ? top or front,and put the front panels on top as exhaust and mount it front as intake ? 


It'll do a lot better than stock, and personally I mounted my Corsair H115i radiator on the top drawing in outside air.


and your exhaust is in front?


Nope, front and side intakes, rear exhaust.


oh ok, i thought that also, but there is a review on yt which i don't know if to trust or not,basically he says front rad + open card is better and i did not know where to put the rad, as intake(cool air ext and put warm air in case avia rad) or exhaust(all hot air in case blowing in rad also, which he says cpu is not cooling properly). i guess i ll have to find out myself.

still, any ideea how to reduce cpu voltage? i reduced vcore to 1.35V but i still see vid 1.5V and do not know the margins +/- around that 1.35v or it's static? 

really need someone who can underclock me(a lot of options in msi's bios which is confusing, cause i have amd overclock,separate overclock,and another o.c settings which i can select 4 modes (expert,advanced,etc).

i  have dragon center, but i don't think it applies to bios settings. 

amd ryzen master i think it's bugged,cause see peak core voltage 1.4125V or i mistaken for 1.5V in the hwinfo and never above 4.25ghz