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Journeyman III

3800X overheat 95C in seconds

Current setup  All stock  No OC

ASUS ROG Crosshair Hero VIII

3800X  Stock Cooler  swicth set to "H"  Fan curve in BIOS set to Turbo

16G Gskill Neo @ 3600

Latest BIOS as of 10/26

Latest Chipset drivers as of 10/26

Corsair 780t case  all case fans set at high   Room temp 74 deg F

System is approx 7 months old  has always runn somewhat warm but has become worse over last couple of months. First noticed this when running World community Grid  CPU was constantly throttling       

Temps and voltages per Ryzen Master - latest build.

Idle temps 46 - 48 C 

When attempting to run CiniBench program kicks out with over temp warning  also web browsing etc will send temps into the 80+ range. Any type of bench marking software hits 95C in a matter of seconds, peak  voltages seem to be in the 1.3 range  max speed noted 4G 

Have reset cooler 3 times  once with Thermal Grizzly and twice with MX-4  Both with very thin layer and again with a somewhat heavier layer  all applications result in same temps. 

Im considering upgrading to a Arctic Cooler II 280  but i just use this PC for casual gaming and web browsing -  Seems like most stock systems can at least run bench marks 

Thank you


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Re: 3800X overheat 95C in seconds

Try replacing the Thermal paste/grease and see if the temperatures are lower.

Make sure there are no obstructions inside your computer case air flow and make sure the CPU Cooler fan is not dirty or being obstructed by a cable or wire hanging and is running at maximum speed when the processor start overheating.

To eliminate air flow inside your computer case, remove the computer case side panel and see if the temperatures lowers or not. IF it doesn't then it isn't a computer case air flow issue rather a CPU cooler issue.

NOTE: AMD's bundled Stock Cooler - AMD Wraith Prism are good for normal computer usages but not very good when the CPU is under heavy loads or stressed.

Best to install a high quality 3rd party Air CPU Cooler with a high TDP ratings of at least 130 or 150 Watts or higher.

The Cooler Master Hyper212 EVO has a TDP rating of 150 Watts and should be able to keep your Ryzen 105 TDP Watt processor without overheating if installed correctly. Or something similar. Noctua has some very good Air CPU Coolers but are more expensive.

AMD generally recommends AIO liquid CPU Coolers for their 3rd generation processors but a good High quality powerful Air CPU Cooler will do a good job also which are generally much less expensive than AIO Liquid CPU Coolers.

Journeyman III

Re: 3800X overheat 95C in seconds

Thank you for the reply.  I have replaced the thermal grease a total of 3 times using various products and application techniques.  Also ran with case panel opened and a desk fan pointed into the case. No change. 


Re: 3800X overheat 95C in seconds

Either you have a bad sensor (CPU or Motherboard) or you need a more powerful CPU Cooler.


Re: 3800X overheat 95C in seconds

I know that pokester‌ has a Ryzen 3rd generation Processor with a CoolerMaster Hyper212 EVO and he always mentions that it keeps his processor well within it Maximum Operating Temperature no matter how heavy a load the CPU is doing.


Re: 3800X overheat 95C in seconds

Yes it is a good good cooler compared to the stock cooler. I am a bit concerned that the OP did not always have this issue and now does. 

To be on the safe side if I were the OP I would uninstall Ryzen Master temporarily. 

Reset the bios to defaults. Also update to the latest bios if it is not.

A new chipset driver came out a couple days ago. I would reload that as well. 

If none of that affects anything than likely it is a cooler issue. Maybe the fan isn't spinning fast enough?

You can certainly try a new cooler and one like mine will be better.

However something happened since this is a change. 

Your boxed processor is under warranty and you can request an RMA on Both. However doing that will cause you to not have a computer for a while. 

For 35 bucks you can try the new cooler. 

Re: 3800X overheat 95C in seconds

I'm not convinced it's the cooler either since it didn't happen from the start, even if it has gotten worse over time, especially since using a large fan blowing directly on it had no effect. It is possible there is a physical cause, such as a loose mounting bracket, convex or concave IHS or HSF, or faulty TIM as it degrades over time, but I would highly suspect something software related.

For sure I'd uninstall Ryzen Master, reflash the BIOS with an older version to rule out a faulty BIOS, and use several other programs to verify the temps being reported mesh. The CPU temperature is the one reported in Ryzen Master, but there are other thermal sensors in the chip as well. HWiNFO, HWMon, and AIDA64 are all good ones, the last especially as it also has a stress test which you can configure to be light or very heavy. Heck, I'd also try a fresh temporary Windows 10 2004 installation. Use Macrium Reflect (it's free) to image your main drive and make a bootable USB so you can do it without losing anything.

With all that being said, however, if you are going to be running CPU intensive tasks on a long term basis, such as the World Community Grid, I would highly suggest an aftermarket cooler anyway, be it a basic model like the 212 Evo, or something more exotic and powerful like a closed loop liquid cooler, so you may want to start with that. It is one of the best investments you can make as they are often compatible with multiple socket generations, and provide better thermal and acoustical performance.