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Adept II

3800x, not boost clocking to 4500mhz, not even single core

System specs are


Gigabyte x570 aorus elite wifi with F10 bios which has Agesa 1.004b

G.skill 3600 CL16  16gb


750 EVGA G2 Gold PSU

I have everything in the bios set to DEFAULT except the infinity fabric and memory which is set to 1867, and manually setting the memory to 1.35v

Using HWmonitor my CPU will see 4500mhz in random cores when i use Cinebench R15 for single core testing.  When I do the full core test i see roughly around 4230-4190 mhz on all cores. 

When I use Ryzen Master, it reports 4350mhz or so with cinebench R15 single core, and with the full core test it barely goes to 4150mhz but both of these only for split seconds, it just between 3-4 cores and averages at 3400-3700mhz. ??????? wtf

Im pretty pissed off right now, where is my 4500 mhz single core boost block ?  And why are the full core clocks so low, the CPU in single core never gets above 55-65c depending on my room temp, and with all the cores its in the 7xc range.  Im using watercooling with a EK block, and TWO 360mm radiators with 9 fans, gpu is in the loop but the gpu isnt being used with these tests.   I already know these CPU's dont all core boost to the speeds on the box and AMD stated its only single core boost speed, but Im not even get 4400mhz let alone 4500mhz. 

If i manually overclock my cpu i can get all 8 cores to 4450mhz and its stable at 1.375v,  yet with this auto boosting the cpu does it wont even go above 4400 on one core let alone 4100 on all 8.   Playing games it acts weird too, i see 4 cores in usage on CCX1 and they are at 4150-4200mhz, the 4 cores on CCX0 at like 3400-3800mhz.  

The pics are attached.. right now my room is very warm so these temps are little higher then usual.  But nothing has changed the clocks are always like this..    While is the single core clock reading 3400-3700mhz and jumps to 4350 for a split second.  I am never seen even close to 4500mhz

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Adept II

I'm seeing the same behavior here? Any solutions? It's only 4.4, maybe 4.50 once with Cinebench CPU score?

Journeyman III

Same thing here with AsRock x570 pro4

I see average single core clock of 4.375 very few seconds it reaches 4.4 when running single core test

and 4.05 on all core

I'm using stock cooler and I was thinking that that was my issue.

max temps while running all core is 80c

Journeyman III

I guess I'm fortunate.

I recently built the following system:

MSI X570 Tomahawk (Bios 7C84v11 - AMD AGESA ComboAm4v2PI
16GB (2x8GB) G.Skill Trident Neo 3600Mhz CL16
EVGA CLC240 Cooler

Everything is left stock as I've read that these Zen 2 CPU suffer from CPU degradation if overclocked.

When i first got the system, I saw quite frequent boot speeds of 4.5Ghz - 4.525Ghz and base clock sat nicely at 3.925 - 3.950ghz.

After about a month, now all I get is 4.4Ghz - 4.425Ghz in Cinebench R20, AIDA64, GTA V, The Division, Insurgency Sandstorm and base clock 3.80Ghz 3.825Ghz.

I have rarely seen it get upto or past 4.5Ghz. This is possibly due to BIOS update and running the latest AGESA.

but my CPU rarely reaches higher then 70c at full load all core.

I think these CPU's wont last like my old system:

 Xeon X5675 OC 4.6Ghz @1.425v

ASUS P6T Deluxe

12GB Kingston Hyper X T1

EVGA CLC240 Cooler

which ran at those clocks 24/7 for 6 years straight and never skipped a beat.