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Journeyman III

3700x throttling?

Hey Guys.


CPU: 3700x

MB: Asus Tuf Gaming x570-Plus Wifi

Mem: Crucial Ballistix 32GB 3200mgz 2xdim

Cooler: Corsair h150i pro rgb

Graphic: Evga 980 ti

So i've been having problems with my cinebench test and it seems like my CPU is throttled during load.  However during Idle it runs fine.   So i've noticed that my CPU has been idling pretty hot.  Sometime it will be from the 40c - 60c range when just browsing websites.  Then i noticed my CPU Core Voltage was pretty much stuck at 1.45 to 1.5v.   Which seems pretty high during idle.  As i'm trying to figure this out, i've started running cinebench r20 and noticed immediately that my core clocks drop to 3.8mhz and voltage drops to 1.2v.   I've checked the temps and it never goes past 76c.

I just updated the Bios to the Asus-1201 bios and that seems to have fixed the voltage issue.  The cpu still idles pretty hot at 45-50c.  The voltage idles at 1.019v but occasionally spikes to 1.4v.   When i do the cinebench test, it still drops the cores to 3.8mhz and voltage to 1.2v.   I'm not sure whats going on.

I've set my bios to be Auto at everything and turned off xmp.   I've set the Power plan to AMD Ryzen Balanced and High Performance.  I've turned off ICUE, Ryzen Master, AI Suite 3.   Nothing.  I'm at a loss. 

Do i have a bad CPU?  Also it's not just cinebench.  I noticed i get a warning when I play Heroes of the Storm that my CPU is being throttled.  

Attach or two SC of my HWInfo.  One was turned on during the test.  You can see the core never passed 3.9mhz.  however the moment the test is done and the system idles, it goes up to 4.39..

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From the looks of it, everything in your system is idling high, as your Nvidia GPU already at 61c with idling clocks. Your CPU is only showing 4.7% max thread use and 4.2a power draw at the temperature its listing. Just a little something going on, but not really the reason you have such high temps which is only 5c above the minimum. Your minimum voltages show that your CPU has been idling on its cores, with a minimum temp of 46c.

Idle temps are always going to be above your ambient temperatures by a certain amount based on the device. You should also download the latest version of HWinfo.

Journeyman III

Yeah i'm not sure whats going on with my GPU too.  It's never use to do that.  I'm going to swap it out to my old system and check if the temps are high too.   Doesn't make sense.  The ambient temp in my room is around 25 to 27c.  I've had my case closed and also opened.   Temps never really change either way.  I wonder if my MB is giving me false numbers.


I just swapped out my 980 ti into my ol i5 2500k system with open air and it's running at 57c idle.

I also put my old 680 gtx in my new system and that idles at 39c.

My Hwinfo64 is the latest.  Or do you mean i should use the beta build?

*update 2

I just bought new thermal paste Noctua nt-h1, re-seated the corsair h150i pro.  The temps went down slightly.  Maybe 2 degrees or so.   I ran prime95 and my temps hit 95c withing 10 minutes of the test. 

I also decided to see if it's the corsair that has an issue, and i swapped that out with the Wraith Prism Cooler.  Initial temps looks like it's idles around 5c hotter.  Cinebench r20 test shows the temps hitting 88c.   I'm not even going to try prime95.  I'm not overclocked.  Just PBO is enabled.   I attached a screen of hwinfo during a cinebench benchmark with the wraithcooler.  At this point it has to be either my MB or CPU that just wants to run really hot.

*update 3

Ok, i don't know what i did but it's a little bit more stable now.  I decided to tear down the computer and just re-wire, re-seat the cpu, put new thermal paste on, etc.   Now the system idles at 37c.  Cinebench r20 doesn't get past 72c on load.  And prime95 hit 89c and didn't go past that.   I'll take it as a win.  89c is still hot for a 360 rad AIO.


Are you running Icue from corsair?  I've read where its putting a high cpu load on the cpu, and people are reverting to an older version.. You might check on that, look in task manager and see what that app is doing....