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Journeyman III

3700X Temps are Too High on Asus X570-P?

Hey everyone, so I recently built a new PC with the Ryzen 7 3700x, a Kraken M22 AIO and a 2060 Super (Not that it matters much) all connected to an ASUS X570-P. I'm running on the latest drivers for everything, and as many people mentioned in the recent thread for the recent community update, I too am having problems.

I was rendering an H.264 video from Media Encoder and with the power plan set to AMD Ryzen High Performance, I saw temperatures rise to about 94C, with the boost clock getting stuck at 3.99 GHz (100% CPU Load). I know that the 3000 series chipsets have some problems yet to be ironed out but this is just crazy.

Current settings include PBO at Auto, default voltages in BIOS, with RAM running at DOCP 3000MHz (Don't know if that helps).

I was using the Creator Mode PBO preset in Ryzen Master.

Is anybody else having the same problem or am I doing something wrong? If anybody else is using a similar config please let me know your settings.


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Journeyman III

Re: 3700X Temps are Too High on Asus X570-P?

I have a similar issue with identical hardware. Do you have an update on your issue?

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Re: 3700X Temps are Too High on Asus X570-P?

ASUS has a setting in the BIOS called "performance enhancer" which has different levels...  Set it to "default" if you are going to use PBO.


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