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Journeyman III

3700x stuck at 3.8 and Voltage 1.1v

I just upgraded from a 1600 to 3700x, in general everything is working better but I can't figure out what settings I need to change to get my system to boost and idle correctly.


CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x

MB: ASRock B450M Pro4

BIOS: P3.40

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200 CL16

Windows 10, tried AMD balanced and regular balanced power configurations.

Cooler: Cooler Master 240mm AIO 

Using RM I can set the Gamer profile and my system will sustain around 4200-4300 @ 1.47v across all cores, full load drops down to 1.35 correctly.

The problem here is my system will also idle at 1.45-1.47, even if the cores show Sleep or sub 1Ghz load (few spikes every now and then)

If I switch the power profile to "Power savings" my system will drop down to <1.0v and whenever it detects enough load it starts to increase correctly, but this is just not ideal.

If I use the creator profile voltage drops to 1.1 and stays there, but this one doesn't boost past 3600.

If I press "Reset" on RM to go back to stock, I get a 4400 max speed but the same problem as with Gamer profile, it idles at 1.4+

Also, none of these settings persist boot so I have to open RM and apply every time I boot up.

In the BIOS I have:

OC      Auto

Frequency and VID      Auto by AMD CBS

SMT      Auto

Vcore offsets Auto

XFR Settings
PBO      Auto

AMD Overclock settings

PBO      Auto

I tried copying the Gamer profile to BIOS settings and it still doesn't seem to fix it

PBO Enabled

PPT 1000

TDC 114

EDC 168

I will boot and still be stuck at 3800

Any help is appreciated, I just don't know what else to try right now

EDIT: turns out I had a setting for "Custom Pstate0" at 3600 and 38, forcing the processor to get capped

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Big Boss

shadowmx, here is my opinion: quit messing around in the BIOS and let AMD and Ryzen Master (RM) do their thing.  Now this is not an opinion: Install a fresh copy of W10!  When the processor is changed, a fresh copy of W10 is required.  What version are you running?  After installing a fresh OS, please do a Clear CMOS using the instructions in your Manual and make sure no one (you) or nothing (OC application not equal to RM) is messing around in the BIOS.  After you have a stable and reasonable system, then do as you please and enjoy.  Thanks, John.