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Journeyman III

3700X power spikes and computer shuts down.

Hi I'm having an issue with the 3700X. When the computer is idle or in use the power spikes over 1.45 and shuts down. I worked around it by setting the power at 1.300 with Ryzen Master. I just arbitrarily picked 1.3 if there's a better voltage please let me know. The drivers and everything are up to date. I want to fix this issue though because I'm not sure if it's the sign of a larger problem. I'm not overclocking anything everything is at default except the voltage. All the parts are brand new within the past two weeks.

I'm using Windows 10 Home

Ryzen Power Plan High Performance

B450M DS3H

CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Ram 16GB 8x2 DDR4 Dual channel 1330.6 MHz

RTX 3070 OC (Factory OC)

Intel 1TB M.2

650 Watt Power Supply ( I dont remember the brand.)



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Re: 3700X power spikes and computer shuts down.

If the 1.45 volts is CPU voltage and the computer shuts down then you either have a defective PSU or Processor.

CPU voltages can easily fluctuate or spike between 1.0 and 1.50 or higher constantly. It will never go beyond a voltage where it will damage itself.

Possibly your CPU is overheating and shutting down when it fluctuates or spikes above 1.45 volts.

Download  OCCT and run the PSU Test and see if it shutdowns or crashes during the test.

First check your PSU Outputs on OCCT and  make sure the 12 and 3.3 and 5 vdc are within 5% tolerances.

Also keep a close eye on Temperatures and fan speeds to make sure all fans are working normally and nothing is overheating.

EDIT: Forgot to mention and put everything back to default in BIOS and in Ryzen Master to get a good test results from OCCT.